Some all time records (and they’re not all good…)


Centurions:  see list here   

(look at Statto Korner for Fifties, Fifers and better as well)

Season records: Bowling

2013 Season CK1 30 wickets
2008 Season VCGC 29 wickets
2002 Season YM 28 wickets

Season records: Batting

2016 Season Nelson 838
2013 Season CK1 680
2019 Season Yov 656
2015 Season Nelson 602
2013 Season BadMo 542
2014 Season CK1 465

Best Partnerships – we don’t normally record these!

Andy Rayner and CK1 v MWs 2006 186 – 5th wicket
BadMo and CK1 v Whalers 2013 162 – 4th wicket
Siv and CK1 v Rotten Livers 2016 155 – 4th wicket
BadMo and CK1 v Tallinn 2013 tour 151 – 4th wicket
 Munjot and CK1 v DJs 2023 148 – 4th wicket

Big hitting

VCGC knocked 30 off a single over v StAnnes in 2015

Bloody Unlucky

Neil Clark v Wombats 2000 97 not out. He ran out of overs!
Mark Amselem v Agricola 1999 98. Run out. What a bummer!
Paul Rogers v Taverners 2003 96. In his last ever game for the club. Hungover and thinking he was on about 70 he was clean bowled
Andy Spurr v Islip 2024 98 not out. Hit the penulitmate ball for 6 then faced a free hit on his last ball and missed


Three ducks in one game Tinkerman Although it looked a never to be repeated feat, the Tinkerman managed to do it again at Captains Day 2007.  Big up to the big man and it could have been 4 had he not declined the offer to bat again..
Three ducks in one game The Smutmeister On Captains 2005, the feat achieved was as follows : run out, not facing, returned as lowest scorer, bowled for a golden, then a golden in his second innings. Hats off to the lad
Duck in both innings Tony Fletcher v. Malvern Chasers 1997
Most ducks in a season Joint Award Tony Fletcher 6 in 2001 and BK1 in 2017
(this supercedes…. Steve Jacobs 4 in 2000
Most Golden ducks in a season Mark Rodbert and Ben Shaw 2 in 1996 (Rodders) and 2 in 2002

Lowest Scores

20 over games

v Riskcare 52 all out

35 Over games

v Regals CC 2017 40 all out
v Gents 2022 46 all out
v Balham Roamers 2006 59 all out
v LNCC 2011 64 all out
v LNCC 2002 64 all out
v Islip 2000 67 all out
v Fawe Park 2012 68 all out
v Wenlock Arms 2004 68 all out
v West Meon 2000 69 all out

Big Bowling

Lumsden, Jacobs, Curtis, Brett, Spurr, Tuffers 6 wickets in a game
CK1 (x3),Curtis (x2), Badmo (x3), SteveO (x2), Fletcher, Goodwin, Hewitt, Rog, Harvey, Swordsman, Mike Ellis 5 wickets in a game

Whoops that slipped

Spillane 3 drops in a game
Kulasingam 3 drops in a game
Shaw 3 drops in a game
Padmore 3 drops in a game

In the game v Hetairoi CC 31 May 2015, 5 catches were dropped, all off VCGC’s bowling, and he didn’t get a wicket. How does a man survive that?

Catch events

  • The most drops ever was  5 catches and 9 drops – which is also our record drops.
  • We have then dropped 8, on 2 further occasions


The biggest total a team has ever accumulated against us was 346-8 on an artificial strip with a minuscule boundary by the Rotten Livers at South Park, Fulham on 19-07-2020

Most not outs

Tony Fletcher 11 in 2002

Did Not Bats

Steve Jacobs 8 in 2003 supersedes his previous best of 7 in 2001

Hat Tricks

Craig Brown v Longport 2000 6 -1 -16 -4
Simon Curtis v. PFSG 1993 4-0-22-5
Elvis v Quokkas (2006) 7-1-49-4
Ginger v Islip (2006) 4-0-7-3
Padders v Whalers (2015) 6-2-22-3

Fantastic Bowling

Stuart Lumsden v Islip 2017 7-4-4-5 indeed, seven overs, 5 wickets for four runs and four maidens
Roger Heaton v MWs 2006 5-4-4-5 yes, that’s five overs, four maidens and five wickets for four runs, against their top order
Mike Ellis v Blenheim 2014 5-2-7-5 Five overs, two maidens Five wickets for seven runs….
Fred Maroudas v Chalfont Taverners 2000 1-1-0-3 (w-0-w-0-w-0)
Ben Sarif v Aston Rowant One ball (subbing for injured Fletch), one wicket!
Ollie Ferrari v Redbourn CC 2022 3 balls, 1 run, two wickets..

Other Mean Bowling 

Charles Hewitt v. Penspan 1993 4-0-4-5
Fred Maroudas v. Radcliffe Rovers 1998 1-1-0-1
David Henig v. Radcliffe Rovers 1998 1-0-1-1
Charles Hewitt v. Abraxas 1996 1-0-1-1
Andrew Grant v StAnnes 2015 7-5-6-2
Dillan Unadkat v StAnnes 2015 5-3-5-2

Crappy  Bowling (6 overs or more)

Swords 6 overs, no maidens, no wickets for 67 (11.16/over)
Sir Geoff 19-07-2020 6 overs, no maidens, no wickets for 69 (11.50/over)
Swords 7-0-76-0 v Gents, 2012 (10.85/over)
Fletcher, Orr Ewing Gone for more than 70 in 8 or more overs
Swords, Newton, Fletcher, Guinness Gone for more than 60 in 8 overs
Payts Jr 62 for 1 off 6 overs

What an over

We don’t keep over-by-over records but…

Steve-O’s last over in Bergerac in 2002 went for 26.
Elvis’s last over v CAC 2021 went for 25
Fev’s last over v Seven Sports in 2015 went for 24

Bat Carried i.e. opened and was not dismissed

Raj Sadhra 2021
Raj Sadhra 2020
Yov 2019
Raj Sadhra 2019
Nurdler 2017 (see note)
CK 2015
CK 2011
VCGC 2015
Arsey on tour 2012
Nurdler 2008
Nurdler 2006
Bison 2005
Clarkster 2000
Mustafa 1999
Chazza/J Evans 1993

Will Wigmore 1992

Nurdler 2017: Teenwolf writes in 2021 “I remember that day, I was on 49 and was run out coming back for a second. Everyone was applauding me and then I ran myself out”

10 wicket wins i.e. 2 bats carried

Raj and Yov 2021