A signed Freddie Flintoff shirt no less

OPPOSITION and VENUE:  Redbourn CC at Redbourn

Date: 2022-08-14 (Season 2022)

  • Result: Draw
  • Game Type: Timed
  • Redbourn CC: 292 for 6 Declated (28.3 overs)
  • Salix: 220 for 6 (37 overs)
  •  (Salix Batted Second)

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Report by:The Red Baron

A fine August day dawned over the South East of England. Who knows how the boys begin their day. Arsey for example, one assumes, is to be found microwaving a pizza. Deeps will be rescuing an orphan. TFC will be pumping iron. Saiborg will be Googling “Aston Rowant” “lighter fluid” and “making arson look like an accident”. In the Monty household I was re-living the moment TFC pulled out of taking a catch from my bowling, leaving me still bereft of a wicket to my name. Like a bear hibernating; I was awaiting the moment to awake…
As the sun climbed into the sky (for what would become a very warm day) the boys headed to Redbourn CC for a first fixture. The ground was beautiful; exactly what a village club should be. A pub to one side, a pavilion to the other, and in-between a pretty ground ringed with trees.

Peak heatwave/drought!

We agreed on a timed game, and the oppo went into bat. New signing Jacob, in his third match (2 more and he gets a number and a nickname) opened our bowling and quickly had a deserved wicket. He brings pace and aggression. And I bring him. So really they’re my wickets right? At the other end Azfar bowled a nice line and length. Although he’d go wicketless he would keep the run rate down, something few of us managed.
In his third over Jacob induced an inside edge from the other opener. A good effort from the keeper but regrettably Tuffers couldn’t cling on (neither would anyone else TBF).
And that was it. Wickets-wise that is. In our defence the strip was a bit of a road, but we shouldn’t take anything away from the oppo batsmen, who were both in fine form. Our bowling was a bit wayward, and our fielding atrocious, which didn’t help. CK wasn’t best pleased; and his mood was not improved when a ball was bowled as he was walking to cow, landing more or less exactly where he would have caught it. Had he been, you know, looking at the batsman. His mood darkened. Next over Azfar let one go through his legs and we stopped wondering about the total, and started worrying about CK going postal…
The skip didn’t really know where to turn; so he tried everywhere. In the end we used 9 bowlers. It didn’t help. The opposition opener and 3rd bat both made centuries, gallantly gifting their wickets thereafter. At the very end I managed to get a brace, but in truth they were looking to push up the run rate. With 292 on the board the opposition called a halt to the fun and we repaired to the pavilion for a lovely tea.
Out came the boys. A timed game, with 20 overs after 5.30pm, we didn’t know exactly how long we had to bat (32 overs as it turned out). What we did know was that we were going to have to bat big to get the win. Nevertheless, cool head prevailed. Get yourself in first was the order. Daveski got a few then holed out, but the skip showed the way getting his half ton. When he was caught out it seemed very much against the run of a proper knock.
The problem was, whilst a lot of the boys got starts, none ever managed to kick on. Hugo went for 7, CK was caught out on 33, Sacha departed for 25 and Krutik for 13. All had looked good, but none managed to crash it around as we required. As the number of overs shortened, it became, apparent that we weren’t going to get there, so it was all about the draw (not that anyone seemed to have told Rory. Who takes a risky single in the last over?).

In the end we made 221. Respectable but not threatening. In truth we were a bit outclassed. But a very fun day anyway (once the heat lessened a bit) and a really lovely ground and oppo. Hopefully the first of many.