Match Data vs Aston Rowant on 2023-09-10 at Aston Rowant (Season 2023)

  • Result: LOST
  • Game Type: 20 Overs
  • Aston Rowant: 160 odd
  • Salix: 140 odd all out 
  • (Salix Batted Second)

A trip to the country… Report by:  A Witness

After a pretty dismal summer the sun finally decided to shine and a heatwave descended… on the promise of a tan and some country air we took to the M40 and our traditional near end of season game against Aston Rowant. Aston is, of course, a retirement home for ex-Salix captains and two of them were on show for the day.

What could possibly go wrong? Well the weather for starters – it rained… a lot.

It stopped, finally, and a game started.

Unfortunately scoring was confined to the electronic scoreboard and no one thought to capture anyone’s individual endeavours with bat or ball.

So this game won’t be recorded in the Salix annals, giving all the players the opportunity to exaggerate their contributions without fear of anyone checking the website and informing them that they didn’t actually play in that game.

What we do know is Salix didn’t score enough runs to win the game, despite a valiant 60 odd by Raj (with a titanic hangover). We also know that Rog took a couple of wickets and had another 3 dropped from his bowling. But who dropped them, and who scored the other 80 runs; we’ll never know.

It was great to see Ben and Yov and their families. The Aston team were their normal hospitable and cheery selves (gotta love a team who sledge their own players mercilessly) and that ground and surrounding countryside is truly a special place.

Last game of the season next week, who knows what treasures await us?

Addendum. Self-declared and poorly remembered info

Team: Rog, Elvis, TFC, Syed, Rory, Ben, Irwin, CK,  Arsey, Daveski, Will

  • Nine dropped catches and one taken (no one dropped more than 3)
  • TFC got 60 something
  • Ollie scored 217* despite not playing
  • someone bowled Yov for not very many
  • Steve and Tony umpired (and Elvis’ abuse of the umpire was tolerated)