2003 Tour to Malta

2003 Tour to Malta

March 8/9



Tour Game #1 – Marsa CC

  • Salix – 129 all out (Bush 23)
  • Marsa – 215 for 5 (Bush 8-0-23-3)

Tour Game #2 – Marsa CC

  • Salix – 89 all out
  • Marsa – 254 for 6

March 2003 saw the lads troop off to Malta
We had a great time: Our hosts were charm personified and we of course, were absolute crap. The ground at Marsa is very pretty and beautifully cared for, quite unlike the Salix team who are mainly decrepit and badly maintained. It would of course have been impossible to go to Malta and not have tour names based on the Legendary Nights.

Eds note: As these were apparently made up at 4 in the morning and scribbled on a beer mat, some slight editorial control has been exercised
The Knights – King Podge I and leader of all he Surveys, Sir Dumpihad, Sir Cumference, Sir Winalot the Prime, Sir Sword the Sheathed, Sir Cular, Sir Inge the Bloody, The Lady Ginandbeer, Sir Tax, Sir Captainyessir, Sir Binihad, Sir Pectales, Sir Prisinglyinjured, Sir Teefiableforcoming.