1997 UK Tour

Tour to Malvern 1997

Sadly very few written records survive of this tour. As per usual we all went to play an indoor game versus Graham Comforts merry men at Aston Villa followed by a local Ruby. We stayed at the Colwall Park Hotel. I do also remember it being very hot. We all played croquet at the hotel before the Sunday game. Chazza borrowed Ian Wells Beemer and went for a drive and Rodders drove his car over a young lads bike (but shelled out for a new one. Good man. Bike that is, not young lad).
Oh yes, someone told me I got a two ducks. I don’t believe it. Also, when I was run out (by Rodders who else) I got an almighty scape on my arm where it went in the gravel. Their keeper then very kindly offered to urinate on me. It’s a proper treament, apparently. The Saturday game was a 2 by 2 over match with Salix 89 for 7 then 96 all out versus a Pick up Team 112 for 7 and then 74 for 2

Match Stats:

LOST | vs Chasers 20 June 1998 : Tour Game T20

Chasers – 112 for 7 & 74 for 2

Salix – 89 for 7 & 96 for 5


WIN| vs Clogs 21 June 1998 : Tour Game 30 overs

Salix – 131 for 9

Clogs – 156 for 4




Salix CCVsClogsPlayed atCOLWELLToss won byClLOGS
Team batting firstClogsScore:
156 for 4 (30 overs)
Team batting secondSalix CCScore: 131 for 9
(26 overs)
Innings of SALIX CCHOW OUTSCORESALIX CC BowlingOversMaidensRuns concededWickets
Mark RodbertLBW2Bakewell10100
Richard WinterRun Out5Barrott50230
Tony FletcherCaught5Chattrabutti50291
Rober Orr EwingBowled0Goodwin50221
Charlie Hewitt Caught40Orr Ewing50171
Mark Barrott Bowled39Sarif40200
David GoodwinBowled1
Irwin SarifNot Out6
BakewellRun Out1
Batter 11
Grand total131