2000 UK Tour

UK Tour 2000 Report

The very hot weekend of 16-17-18-19 June Not so much a report, more unadulterated ramblings “AFTER ALL, that is why I loved my team so much – not only for the joy in victory, but also for the stupid desire to cry on evenings when we had lost.” Not, in fact, the thoughts of a disconsolate Salix player, making his way home after his team had met its Waterloo in sunny Kent.
No, they are the words of a French goalkeeper called Albert Camus, all goalkeepers being at heart existentialist philosophers. And he admits that, yes, you do love a thing that brings you pain and misery. You would hardly trouble with it, if it did not.

The tour was in Kent, where they grow hops, which we drank. We stayed at the Chaucer hotel, centrally located for the town and for the decorators. The worlds smallest rooms were,
however, very cheap. A couple of tour members disliked the hotel so they stayed out all night. Or perhaps there was another reason?

Match Stats:

  • WIN | vs Nonington 15 June 2000 : Tour Game 25 overs
    • Nonington – 111 for 6
    • Salix – 129 for 3
  • DRAW | vs Beltinge 16 June 2000 : Tour Game Timed
    • Salix – 130 for 9
    • Beltinge – 183 for 9
  • LOST| vs Choughs 17 June 2000 : Tour Game 25 overs
    • Salix – 114 for 9
    • Choughs – 118 for 5
  • LOST| vs Longport 18 June 2000 : Tour Game 35 overs
    • Salix – 118 all out
    • Longport- 120 for 6