2001 UK Tour

UK Tour 2001 Report

In glorious weather and with high hopes our motley crew set off for sunny Canterbury on the 2001 Mini tour. Lacking some well known older faces we were nonetheless pleased to welcome some younger and better looking ones, including Chukka, our ringer browed from the London Nigerians and Chris, a management consultant from Andersen’s. Winning the toss, Cap’n Clarkster broke with tradition and put us into bat first. New Dominic lasted just a couple of balls before becoming our first, but by no means the last, duck of the weekend. A steady stream of Salixites came to the
crease, scored not enough and then were out, mainly caught. No one notched up anything like a decent score although Chukka’s innings was fairly spectacular – a six, 2 fours and couple of singles then out to a massive skied one. Simon had a comedy dismissal as the keeper tried to stump him, missed then tried again whilst Simon was standing as thought he is was securely in. But wasn’t.
A nice tea saw us wander back to the pitch where Andy Shilling and New Dom managed a couple of dropped catches whilst the Chough’s openers moved inexorably towards the target. The Shill redeemed himself by catching one from Clarkster’s bowling but sadly our score was too little and the Choughs easily reached the target. So it was an early bath (well actually an early selection of local pubs followed by the tour party splitting into two, with the old farts going for a curry and the youngsters going out on the piss. I should particularly like to thank Ollie for ringing me at 2 in the morning to tell me he was “monstered”.
Hangovers quenched by a giant fry up we made our way to Dulwich in the pouring rain to play a new team: the Whalers. I for one was rather alarmed to see that they all looked young and fit and were running about EVEN WHEN THERE WAS NOTHING TO RUN ABOUT FOR! Eventually the rain abated and the Whalers batted first on a very damp and slippery wicket that was clearly a few yards short of the regulation length.
Steve J took an excellent early wicket followed by a magnificent catch by Alex at mid on. The mixed geriatric/youth Salix team attack worked well early on, with Steve, Andy and Paul bowling people left right and center, although sadly our catching was again below par with no less than 5 dropped catches. Mid game we were able to welcome a new recruit, Michael Ellis who arrived late in true Salix Style having forgotten his map and driven around for hours, then walked onto the pitch and promptly took a catch (but he made up for it by dropping one later). However mid game we lost our grip a bit and the Whalers put on a quite few runs. The innings ended with Alex throwing down the tail enders wicket from 20 yards or so, quite the best bit of fielding ever seen by a Salix team. An early tea because of rain saw our openers, New Dom and Dave H stride out to the pitch and play well against what was a very good attack on a treacherous pitch, with ball sometimes skidding along at ground level and other times hurtling over the batsmen’s heads. I’ve no idea how many no balls were called. Soon after Dave was bowled for a creditable 13, the rot started and the next three players got basically bugger all runs. Clarkster and Bushy solidified the middle order but after Alex was bowled it was all downhill.
So, it was damply home to cogitate on a mini tour that featured rubbish weather, dismal Salix performances, really pleasant opponents and some monster hangovers. So, plus ca change!!

Match Stats:

  • LOST| vs Choughs 9 June 2001 : Tour Game 35 overs
    • Salix – 103 all out
    • Choughs – 104 for 1
  • LOST| vs Whalers 10 June 2001 : Tour Game 35 overs
    • Salix – 95 all out
    • Whalers – 133 all out