2000 Captain’s Day

Captains Day 2000: By our man with the PhD in playing with himself

Let’s let Dave Henig’s tell the story.
A fine day as you say – a day on which we finally found a team that was exactly at our level, namely ourselves. All the usual Salix traits were there, from collapses at top and middle of orders, to comedy run-outs, and extremely unlikely wicket takers (Bush b Rodbert was my favourite, but then I had a good view of it being at the other end for a second time having been run out without facing first time round), not to mention the failure of some to turn out and most others to turn up on time.
The Rodbert gents tried out some interesting tactics, particularly opening the batting with Steve Jacobs, but these were countered by the Clarkster opening with a strike force of Salix’s most expensive bowlers (by runs given per over not transfer fee), who promptly and rather surprisingly took four wickets between them. In the end, the gents had to resort to underhand tactics, not bringing back their lowest scoring player, but the retiring captain, who thumped the ball round a bit.
But cheats don’t prosper, the players had one over the gents, and some Salix players were on the winning side. A forerunner of next season’s undoubted triumphs?
PS from Fletch – I had a few favorite moments myself, Alex Newton’s spectacular catching from Simons full blooded drive to mid on. We tried to prise the ball out of Alex’s hand after the catch and failed. Amazing. And who could forget yours truly bowling the Swordsmen behind his legs. And after he brought two babelicious women. And Dominic Spillane took a catch! And Marco who dropped one (a catch) as I was chatting to him about his hat… mea culpa)

Clarksters Players 152

Rodberts Gentlemen 141