2002 Captain’s Day

Captains Day 9 Sept 2002

Well. The weather looked a bit murky to start , but the sun really shone on Salix on Captains Day. This year the Rodbertonians faced the Clarkstars (or Gents versus Players..). The format was 2 x 15 overs, max 3 overs a bowler , retire at 30 and crucially, reverse the batting order between innings. The Rodbertonians got off to a reasonable, if not spectacular start, however mean, mean bowling from our very own Rahul Spillane and Steve-o Jacobs saw the Rodbertonians all out for 93. The Clarkstars powered out of the blocks and some hard fielding from the Rodbertonians saw Andy Bush put our wicket keeper, James, in hospital, which wasn’t too helpful, but we persevered. At tea the Clarkstars
were sitting on a decent lead (thanks to the leader himself and Mr Swindells). After our Ribena and egg sandwiches, the Rodbertonians engineered a familiar Salix batting performance as they struggled to 93, highlights being Dave H eager to make up for his first innings golden and Clarkster making a great diving catch to get Fletch round the corner. And so as the clouds lengthened the Clarkstars had a fairly doable target which they made with 9 balls to spare, thanks to a great innings by Steve-o (who got more in one innings than he got all season), our very own Dominic Dravid, and of course, the man himself, Clarkster.
So it was back to the bar, to discuss next season and dream dreams of winnings. In the words of 10CC – “I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it”

Innings 1 Rodbertonians 90 all out & Innings 2 Rodbertonians 97 all out

Innings 1 Clarkstars 103 & Innings 2 Clarkstars 75

Season Report (up to but not including Captains Day 2002)
Our Player of the Year is: Neil Clark
The figures never lie. On average it took us 21.7 runs to get a wicket, but we gave our wickets away for 13.5 runs. We dropped nearly half the catches (45%) that came our way. Our batsmen had an equal chance of being bowled or caught (75 each) and, bizarrely, an equal chance of getting LBW or run out (15 of each).

Other Matters
We played 19 games, won 5 , drew 2. and in all 35 people donned the Salix Cap.
Our Role of Honour this Year:
Salix CC Captains Award 2002: Matt Swindells, Alex Newton
New Player Award 2002: Graham Nannery, Andy Rayner
Player Award 2002 Steve Jacobs, Chris Kulasingam
Batting Award 2002 Andy Bush, Dominic Spillane
High Score 2002 Paul Rogers                                                                                                                                                                              Catch of the Year 2002 Ollie Carter
Best Bowler 2002 Tony Fletcher
Player of the Year 2002: Neil Clark