2008 Captain’s Day

Captains Day 2008: 31st August

Our tenth captains Day and the first one on which it has honked down and therefore been cancelled. And not a little bit either. Forecasters say the next ten days will be “a washout” and of course as I write this Hurricane Gustav, a Category 5 monster, the “mother of all storms”, is decimating the Gulf of Mexico. Anyhow not only has this washed out any game, but of course the prize giving: many luminaries were due to receive gold plated awards, a patronizing little speech from me and a kiss from whomsoever we could persuade to hand em out on the day.


Player of the Season Stuart Lumsden
A sterling performance from the russet haired one, not only standing in as Captain but whacking well, despite a golden in his first outing
Best New Player: Al Davidson
He’s not new in the sense of being a whippersnapper but its always good to have a Harmy like bowler on the team.
Best Batsman Christy Kulasingam
Not Player of the year for third year running but a close thing. Mind you CK1 did want to concentrate on batting this year and its worked! A winner!
Services to Fielding Darren Gavigan
Stood in behind the stumps and took a few good catches with never less than 112% commitment to what is game of two halves
Best Bowler David Padmore
King of the Maidens. As SupersizeMe Bush used to say “this bowling is so good I never get any wickets as the batsmen can’t lay a bat on the ball”
Salix CC Presidents Trophy Ben Shaw 2009
Self explanatory really
Best supporter Sahil Shanvare
The lad always turns up and never gives it less than 115 percent in the nets
Captains Award for top wicket taking Steve Jacobs
This season he finally surpassed the old crock in total wickets ever taken and then promptly injured himself
Captains Award for Services to Opening Dominic Spillane
The minor injury magnet that is the Nurdler has ended with a season of bruises but continues to Nurdle with the best of them
Lurpak Award: Kunal Dutta
Kicking a ball over the boundary was the final straw for last years New Player of the Year. Never less that 110% in the uncoordinated stakes, with 4 drops to one catch an unrivalled