2011 Captain’s Day

Captains Day 2011 Harlington 11 July

First off a big thanks to Badmo for all his hard work in arranging things better than I ever did, and his patience in not punching me in the face as I offered various unwanted kinds of advice on how it was done in my time 20 years ago (a hard habit to break, I’m in the 12 step programme). Second, big thanks to all who turned up including several members of the CAC, it’s always wonderful to have others along, especially the younger players who bring a lot of fun and skill to the game. And so, 8 pairs of players lined up for a single wicket. You get runs batting, lose runs bowling and various infield rewards and penalties apply. Elvis was a no show so Daveski manfully developed¬† chizophrenia for the day and played as him (with me) and as himself. Smutty had a domestic crisis and had to retire midway but that was it. After 40 overs the top two pairs for the bat-out were 1. Dazzler and Patrick and 2. YM and Elvis, being Daveski. The Dazzlers lost the bat-off toss and went in first under the stern umpireship of the Nurdler. Four exceptional overs from SteveO, Rog, Luke and our gun bowler, the Omar Gul of London, CK1, saw them with a net of only 6 runs, as Dazzler was out twice. YM and Daveski then took it steady (amidst a fair amount of barracking) to post a net of 19 and canter to a win.
Both YM and Daveski were humble in victory, which is especially surprising considering neither has ever won anything in their lives before, and the players then settled down in the evening sunlight to consume a couple of crates of beer and watch the ambulance come to take away the poor sod on the other pitch who had broken his ankle. Really a lovely day and absolutely everyone contributed.