1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

Ourselves: Captains Day 7 September 2003

Captains day dawned a little overcast and a battle between Mr Kettley from the BBC (a fine and sunny day) and Francis from Sky (going to piss down).  As ever the BBC were right. As also per usual the team turned up late and languid and we were honored by several guest players, three of the Mighty Wanderers and a huge crowd by our standards, even if most of them were under 5.  As ever the club golf cart proved a big hit with the younger players. A guest appearance from Mr Orr Ewings venerable cricket boots (circa 1945) and Gingers young lady who had jetted in from Dallas for the occasion saw us ready to give out the prizes.


Rear Standing: Bill, Andy from the MWs, Murdo (MW), Tim (MW), The German, Paul, Podge, Robert OE, Andy Bush, Fletch, Tinker, Matt, Steve-O, Brian

Seated: Dr Dustman, Ginger, Capn Ben, Clarkster (head only, body in pub,) New Dom, Chazza, Mark

Kneeling: Dodge, Dave

We then took to the pitch in our now traditional 18 overs then tea then 15 overs mini test.  As England overpowered the South Africans at the Oval we wondered whether the adage a "good old 'un will always beat a good young 'un" could be true.  It's not.

Batting first, the aged Clarkstars put on a fair whack in the first 18 with Dodge (playing in a designer  jock strap borrowed from Mr Fletcher and never given back, thank god) doing a Freddy and ably supported by Chazza and Robert OE.  The Ginger Spinmeister had a good way with the bowling but the runs still flowed.  So to the crease came the Raynites, controversially opening with, er regular openers, and swansong Podge and the Ginger one put on quite a few before the aged Spinmeister Senior bowled the student with a loopy one and the Raynites were 19 ahead at tea.  It was to prove a big hill to climb.

Tea was spent watching the South Africans crumble on the big screen and then it was back out. The Clarkstars, truth to be told, made a bit of slow start with canny bowling from the young 'uns (esp Podge) and a few comedy moments ensured (eg fat blokes falling over).  However by close the Rayrites required only 65 to win off 15 and although Bushy and Dr Dustman made a slowish start, it was all over with a few overs to go.  

So the cheap bottle of South African sparkling wine to the under age drinkers, Nurofen and liniment to the oldsters and back to the bar to discuss exactly what kind of non prescription medicine was Andy Bush on when he ordered those green and pink one day shirts. We'll probably never know.

Pictures at Captain Day

Prizes kindly presented Ceri. Ridiculous grins supplied by team members

Player of the Season Andy Rayner Services to the club Paul Rogers Top Score Matt Swindells
Services to the club Ollie Carter Services to the club Neil Clark Services to the club David Henig
Excellence in batting Dominic Spillane Excellence in batting Paul Mason Lurpak Winner (disputed)
Excellence in bowling Stephen Jacobs Excellence in bowling Tony Fletcher Excellence in bowling Michael Ellis


Captains Day Sept 7                  
Clarkstars Innings 1                  
          overs mdn runs wkts ave
Hewitt c 18     Henig 2 0 13 0  
Spillane lbw 11     Ellis 3 0 12 2 6.0
Shaw run out 8     Rogers 3 0 23 0  
Orr Ewing c 16     Mason 2 0 12 1 12.0
Mathew stumped 4     Swindells 2 1 9 0  
Dodwell Bennett run out 25     Rayner 2 0 3 1 3.0
Clark stumped 15     Maddison 2 0 21 0  
Nannery not out 0     Murdo 2 0 14 2 7.0
Fletcher not out 5                
Jacobs   dnb                
James   dnb                
        catch rayner        
extras   15       mason        
total   115                
Raynites innings 1                  
Rogers b 22       overs mdn runs wkts ave
Henig lbw 1     Jacobs 3 0 14 0  
Mason c 0     James 3 0 32 2 16.0
Ellis b 45     Hewitt 3 0 20 1 20.0
amselem b 8     Clark 3 0 18 1 18.0
Rayner not out 20     Fletcher 3 0 24 1 24.0
Maddison c and b 17     Orr Ewing 3 0 18 1 18.0
Swindells not out 2                
Murdo   dnb                
Andy (MW)   dnb     catch orr ewing        
Carter   dnb                
extras   19                
total   134                
Clarkstars Innings 2                  
James b 16       overs mdn runs wkts ave
Jacobs b 2     Henig 1 0 9 0  
Fletcher run out 26     Mason 2 0 15 0  
Nannery b 5     Rogers 3 0 11 2 5.5
Clark b 8     Ellis 3 0 25 0  
Mathew c and b 0     Swindells 3 0 14 0  
Orr Ewing not out 4     Bush 3 0 7 1 7.0
Shaw run out 2                
spillane not out 0     catch henig        
Hewitt   dnb                
extras   16                
total   83                
Raynites innings 2                  
          overs mdn runs wkts ave
Bush b 11     Jacobs 3 0 10 1 10.0
Carter c 4     James 3 0 14 2 7.0
Andy (MW) not out 31     Hewitt 3 0 11 1 11.0
Murdo b 0     Clark 3 0 25 0  
Swindells lbw 18     Fletcher 0.3 0 8 0  
Maddison not out 0                
Rayner   dnb                
Ellis   dnb                
Mason   dnb     catch james        
Henig   dnb                
Rogers   dnb                
          Raynites win by 6 wickets with 2.3 overs to spare
extras   4                
total   68