1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

We're modern here at Salix CC HQ.  Lots of multimedia stuff.


1999 See Bushy get out in fine style vs the London Nigerians Click here: a 2 MB file Clarification: Following a heated discussion with the lads from LNCC, where we all insisted the athlete in the clip was Okpaku Madedor, he took a look and says: Like I said, there was no way I could have performed those manoeuvres at my age. It wasn't me in the clip. It was Ade who is a much younger chap. ( Ed: But not better looking!)
1999 See Irwin drop a sitter at Captains Day Click here: a 4 MB file - look out for the Shilling trampling his hat in disgust
1999 At Islip, see Simon get get a century Click here: a 19 MB file this clip mainly features Andy Bush, some advanced juggling plus a host of faces from year gone by. A special treat is the hideous commentary from the Director! !
2001 Captains Day Click here: a 24 MB file Marcos Wife, Pru, a professional filmmaker, oversaw the making of this this very slick movie for us
2004 See CK1 appear on Japanese TV Click here: a 6 MB file Sorry about the poor quality, they sent the worlds oldest video tape..)
2006 New Beckenham: Click here: a 16 MB file Captain the German whacks a few around on his way to a century 
2006 CAC Click here: a 16 MB file Padders hits a big old hook shot,
2006 Mighty Wanderers

Click here: a 25 MB file

A variety of players show of their skills: Nurdler, Rich Podges pal, Chopper, Hoguester and ex Captain Ben.  This video contains some fine and not fine fielding moments abd a demo of why its not a good idea to hit a ball vertically.. ,
2007 Tour of Swedenland Click here: a 38 Mb file The local news team at Vastra Malardalens TV did a segment on the game: see the Ginger Express tell the Nordic Countries how to bowl!



BBC Audio The old BBC Theme to Test Match Special (WAV)
BBC Audio An indignant BBC cricket reporter (MP3)
TMS CMJ discusses the length of Vettori's rod
BBC Audio Jonners and Bothams legover (MP3)
Ritchie Benaud isms Classic Delivery
Ritchie Benaud isms Marvelous
Ritchie Benaud isms Dropped a sitter
Ritchie Benaud isms Weather front
Ritchie Benaud isms Not an impossible task
Channel Five cricket theme Horrid



It's easily best to download these to your PC and watch them offline.  So just click on the link and it should open a dialgoue window - then save.  If not, right click the link and SAVE AS.They are in a variety of formats, (mainly WMV or XVID) so if your PC doesn't play them, I suggest you go along to http://www.videolan.org/ and download the free player, it will play anything.