1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

Spain 2001 Weekend of March 24/25 2001    

Update: Sadly Javea have lost their ground to developers: read this report (opens in new window)

There was also a reprot in the Costa Brava News: read this report (opens in new window)

The Prep:

We stayed at the very wonderful Hotel Sol Y Mar in Javea (that means drink and English breakfast in Spanish)  (No seriously, it was very nice)  

Instead of traveling with the hoi polloi on some grotty charter, I thought we should maybe hire our own plane.  But it proved a bit dear.  See the quote here   So we went Iberia.  Which was also fine and on time too.

The clubs we played have their own web pages (Javea CC and the 40's) http://www.cricketinspain.com/

Before we left our tour interpreter got some instructions......

From Andy Foster
Further to our discussions about the potential of a Tour Interpreter, I am glad to announce that Charlie has accepted my invitation and has expressed a wish to take on the roll of Fiesta organizer (I'm not quite sure what this bit involves but knowing Charlie like I do, I think it has something to do with finding the best bars in town. Charlie's fluency in Spanish and skills as a party organiser are surpassed only by her scoring skills and is renowned in certain parts of Sussex for her boundary fielding.
I am sure you will join me in welcoming Charlie to a weekend of Great Cricket, stimulating conversation and early nights!

From Steve Jacobs
Charlie: this is my TOP 10 tips on things you do NOT want to volunteer for on tour...
1) Washing the kit
2) Rubbing down the players
3) Doing the score book
4) Updating the telegraph
5) Marking out the pitch
6) Hammering in the stumps
7) Oiling the bats
8) Making the teas
9) Bringing out the drinks
10) Buying a round
If that is too technical a list to follow don't worry just watch Andy he manages to avoid all of them..

The Male  Tour Participants (in alphabetical order) 

Alex Fatally forgetting to imbibe enough alcohol Alex was sadly attacked by the bowling yips, but it didn’t stop him being top run scorer
Ben Sarif Although weighing in at only around 20lbs, Ben proved the best looking male on tour by far
Captain Ben His years in the Army showed as he only slightly flinched at the sound of the fiesta fireworks and maintained a discrete calm in the face of a substandard team
Dickie Winter Our resident Tour Operator eschewed the skills of his trade and travelled the hard way.  Last seen looking for a bus to Alicante
Dr Dustman Despite sustaining a non beer related injury to his knee Dr D maintained a high level of blood alcohol throughout and was fondly considered a second son by Podge's Mater and Pater
El Director of Cricketo Somewhat hampered by the lack of a Stannah Stair lift in the hotel (thanks for the joke Swordsman) our aged Director lost most of his ankle to Podge's toenail in a hard fought game of beach volleyball that saw him knackered for the rest of the trip
Irwin Sarif The Zimbabwean Love Machine showed once again why he is not know as the Rhodesian Run Machine
Old Dominic Fighting off his outrage that the boat race was not carried live on Sky, our ex Captain was perhaps the most monstered of all and was lucky to escape mutilation after waking the Director of Cricket by falling over his bed at 4 in the morning
Podge Joint Chief Architect of the trip and proud possessor of a Tin Tin quiff, he proved a little rusty on the first day, but it all came back on the second
Rodders Sporting that Dennis Hopper early seventies look our beloved co-founder had a relatively quiet time on the pitch but succeeded in not being run out!
Steve Jacobs Steve conclusively proved that getting monstered before a game and buying new shoes is step too far (or rather a hobble)
Swordsman, The Playing with an alcohol blood level that would kill 11 normal men, the Swordsman once again showed that in rare cases, getting monstered can prove a boon to performance
Shill, The Beaten at darts by a 7 year old, the Shill nevertheless showed fighting spirit and manfully tackled a left hand drive stick shift


The Female  Tour Participants  

The Tour was greatly enlivened by the fragrant, feminine and cultured presence of Louise, Kate, Charlie, Lucinda, Stella, Cathy, Julie, Madeleine, Ellie and Isobel, a number of whom were only to ready to get naked,  frolic on the beach and build sandcastles

The Salix CC Itinerary

Thursday:  Sleet.  Main party arrived at Gatwick for the Iberia flight to Alicante.  Bets were lost when the Swordsman turned up on time.  All pushchairs were fumigated due to foot and mouth.    The team arrived in Javea around midnight and went straight out for mucho beero

Friday: Red hot:  Late start, full English on the beach, desultory beach volleyball interspersed with heavy drinking.  Team got monumentally monstered.  Rest of party arrived, and started drinking to catch up

Saturday: Pretty blinking warm:  Team struggled out of bed around noon for a 1 pm start.  Swordsman and Jacobs well late due to slow delivery of Full English.  Salix CC mullahed by Javea CC.  Repaired to boozer for more drinks

Sunday.  Not quite as hot:  For activities see Saturday.  Vague attempt to go carting met by Spanish man with large Doberman indicating the track was closed

Monday: Nicely warm.  Team assembles for Full English but with Champagne.  Repair to Airport and arrive back to sleet and more foot and mouth

Vs Javea CC Tour March 2001
Salix 134 all out Javea 135 for 4 in 16 overs!!    
Shilling run out 2            
Winter b 2     over m r w
Foster stumped 22   jacobs 4 0 10 0
Shaw c 27   newton 3 0 34 2
Rogers b 0   fletcher 5 1 42 2
Rodbert b 0   rogers 4 0 48 0
Fletcher b 8   foster 0.5 0 9 0
Carter b 28            
Sarif c 7            
Newton b 19   catches sarif      
Jacobs no 0            
extras   19            


vs Forties CC Tour March 2001
Salix 247 for 5 in 40 overs Forties 250 for 7 in 38 overs    
Shilling c 13     over m r w
Guiness b 8   jacobs 8 1 39 2
Foster c 21   newton 2 0 20 0
Shaw c 50   fletcher 8 0 54 1
Rogers b 37   rogers 2 0 10 0
Newton not out 69   foster 8 0 60 1
Carter not out 4   guinness 8 0 64 3
Sarif dnb              
Rodders dnb              
Jacobs dnb     catches sarif      
Fletcher dnb       shilling      
extras   45     foster      
        jacobs 2      


Route :London - Valencia or Alicante - London
Payload :20 passengers
Date :23 - 27 March

Further to your enquiry I am pleased to offer the following:

Stansted - Alicante - Stansted

Aircraft :British Aerospace BAe ATP (Pressurised Turbo Prop Aircraft)
Payload :66 seats
Flight Times :3 hours 50 minutes each way
Price :£26,070

Aircraft :Alenia ATR 42 (Pressurised Turbo Prop Aircraft)
Payload :46 seats
Flight Times :4 hours 15 minutes each way
Price :£30,475

Aircraft :BAcl-11 500 (jet Aircraft)
Payload :104 seats
Flight Times :2 hours 30 minutes each way
Price :£35,265 (Based on Gatwick departure)

Aircraft :Fokker 50 (Turbo Prop Aircraft)
Payload :50 seats
Flight Times :3 hours 35 minutes each way
Price :£20,160

The above prices are nett and include passenger taxes and catering. Aircraft are quoted subject to continued availability and crews.