1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

2007 Indoor Victory is ours sayeth the Lemmings

Finals Day 25 Nov

The big one
And so the Salixites opened up the final.  Not as much limbering as the Mighties but fairly purposeful all the same.  However, a really slow start saw them on only about 8 off the first 4 overs. The run rate picked up for them to post 94, with the men of the batting being Elvis, Padders and Rog who all floored the gas, but a bit late.  Now 94 is not bad, but 110-120 is a winning score at Finchley and certainly the Lemmings took their time winning with only 5 balls to go with all the W’s Wood, Willey and Williams hitting the 20 pluses and losing only 2 wickets. So not a walkover but neither were industrial quantities of underarm deodorant required either

Wooden spoon:
The Mighties got off to a good start winning the toss and after much limbering up went into bat and Lars and Andy hit pretty good 25s, especially considering the Mighty Lars had spent most of the preceding night in training at the Gay Hussar.  And so they posted 96 in 11 Overs.  A defendable target? Yes, but sadly their bowling lacked a little edge and the Whalers pretty much cruised past in 8 Overs (Ollie 25 retd, Rich 27) to avoid the spoon, which Wuff graciously accepted like the MAN HE IS.

League Table 18 Nov

Team Played Won Lost Points
Lemmings 3 3   6
Salix 3 2   4
Whalers 3 1   2
MWs 3 0   0


Match Reports 18 Nov Games

Yet another late start (we're all running on Lemmingtime, which is ten minutes slow). Batting first, the 5 men of the Lemmings gave the MWs bowling a good seeing-to to post 125 for 3, (Pies: 41) and in return the MWs struggled against a good line and length to post 74. So it’s hello wooden spoon competition for them.

In the second game it was all to play for (well a spot in the final).  Despite winning the toss Capn Padders stuck the Whalers in first and ageing fastie Steve-O opened with a blistering spell.  Ably backed up by Elvis, Padders and Puff the Whalers struggled to get them away (note to self, get a new metaphor dictionary) to 75 all out (DareO 20).  However, they tasted first blood with the second ball but it all went downhill like a false dawn from there as Flossie (23) and Puff (21) chipped away and Padders and Elvis finished it off with 3 overs to go. 

So, it’s a Lemmings:Salix final.  Place your bets with the umpire now please

Match Reports 11 Nov Games

After a slightly late start, the 5 men of the Lemmings plus stand in Murdo took to the field v the Whalers: The Whalers batted first getting a reasonable 104 (Gilo 44, inc 2x8's) against good bowling from the Lemmings although running the Captain out having not faced for duck is never a good move. The Whalers bowling attack, however, had sadly gone walkabout, conceding a massive 38 extras.  Still it was tight with the Lemmings hitting the winning runs with only 2 balls to spare (Reuben 30 retd).

In the second game the MWs managed 82 in 10 overs (Wuff 24) after losing Lars early on to a run out.  In reply Salix took their sweet time about getting the runs (Bison 27 retd and Padders 26 retd) with Matt out to one of the most feeble shots ever seen in this august arena.  On the other hand, the Salix batsmen did manage to injure Lars who copped then dropped a humdinger and the aged Umpire (me) who didn't get out of the way of a possible straight 6 from Puff.

So, the Lemmings are through to the final and the MWs consigned to the place where you keep wooden spoons. Next week Salix and the Whalers slug it out for a finals place. Be there or be square

Match Reports 3 Nov Games

Whalers v MWs - walk over due to MWs not getting a team up. A beer game of Whalers v Salix was played. The W's were first up and in a little trouble until Salix rotated their bowling around a little too far and Jim from the W's hit 56!. Total127 - for 5. In response Salix had a good start with Bis hitting 2 consecutive 6's but faltered badly after losing Flossie and Bis to post a pathetic 56 all out in 7 overs.

In the second game the Lemmings batted solidly to post 117 in 12 overs (Goodlad 28 retd).  Salix recovered slightly from a rubbish start but then slumped again as Padders was run out for the millionth time, to post a miserable 67 in 8 overs (Nurdler 30).


Our eponymous benfactor supports the cricketing charity The Primary Club (www.primaryclub.org ).

SATURDAY 3 Nov :   SUNDAY 11 Nov SUNDAY 18 Nov SUNDAY 25 Nov
3 pm Wanderers v Whalers 6.30 Whalers v Lemmings 6.30 Wanderers v Lemmings 6.30 Wooden spoon
4pm Salix v Lemmings 7.30 Salix v Wanderers 7.30 Salix v Whalers 7.30 Grand Final


Rules : download the rules (Revised set Oct 25th 2007, to clarify scoring ) here (Word document , choose SAVE AS)

Two new rules (minor): At Finchley you may NOT be caught off the back wall (but you can be caught if the ball goes back wall-side wall)
Fielder at square leg MUST wear a helmet and box



Middlesex Cricket Academy
East End Road
N3 2TA


The entrance is at the side of the LA Fitness Club. Just around the back is the Finchley Cricket Club where we go for a drink after. There is plenty of parking.Be aware that you cannot get on or off the North Circular from the East End Road. The nearest tube is about 10 minutes walk, (1 km) – Finchley Central)

WARNING: don’t be late, the hall is rented on a per minute basis! So we always start on time

Cost: The team organisers have already paid and will collect the player fees on the date (about £8 per game per player)