1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

1993 Fixtures and Results :

Date Oppo Venue Reprot link
26 June Abraxas Highgate Spectacular Collapse
3rd July 93 Praxis Bath - Jottings or whatever
21 July Northern Telecom Maidenhead RESPECT
28th July 93 Penspan Clapham Common Its brief, but's a report
5th August 93 PFSG Dulwich Jottings or whatever
12 Aug 93 First National Hatch End Summed up in 10 words
19 Aug 93 Abraxas Paddington Rec Dog shit heaven
26-Aug Davis Arnold Cooper Chiswick Jottings or whatever