1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

2007 Fixtures and Results :  

Date Opponent Ground Previous history Result/Link
Nov 06 Rodbert Cup 2007      
May 6 Drovers CC GLAXO Prev Seasons Mum's the word as Elvis kicks off with a winner
May 13 Islip Islip Prev Seasons Rained off.  Cats and dogs all day
May 20 Touring Theatres CC GLAXO Prev Seasons The Sanatogen kicks in as the oldies do the biz for Capn Elvis
May 27 Spring Bank Holiday NO GAME    
June 3 Balham Roamers (was Everyman) Raynes Park Prev Seasons Bowling tighter than a gnats chuff as we walk in the park
June 10 Mighty Wanderers  GLAXO Prev Seasons A whackfest too far as Salix stutter
June 17 Quokkas GLAXO Prev Seasons Boo hoo. Tighter than a [insert our own similie]
June 24 Demijohns CC Wadham College Oxford Prev Seasons Padders blasts Myring into orbit for nailbiter win
July 1 etc TOUR TO SVEDEN SVEDENLAND   Report here
July 15 St Annes All Stars GLAXO Prev Seasons We collapse like a failed souffle
July 22 New Beckenham CC HSBC Prev Seasons Waterlogged pitch - cancelled
July 29 Whalers GLAXO Prev Seasons It's "Call me Ishmael" time as the cetaceans turn on the Whalers
Aug 5 Lemmings GLAXO Prev Seasons Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
Aug 12 London Nigerians GLAXO Prev Seasons Who'd a-thought it.  We lose
Aug 19 Presidents XI GLAXO Prev Seasons Cancelled due to a lot of wet stuff falling from the sky. Rearranged
Aug 27 Summer Bank Holiday NO GAME    
Sep 2 Captains Day GLAXO   Match Report
Sep 9 Taverners Seer Green Prev Seasons We suck, and that's the truth
Sept 15 Prez (rearranged) Morden Prev Seasons It's big win for Salix time
Sep 16 Gents of West London GLAXO Prev Seasons Teamwork time rounds off a winning weekend
Sep 23 Blenheim Palace CC Blenheim Palace Prev Seasons Drizzly Draw