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It's nice to bring joy into others lives isn't it: West Meon July 9 2000 (Season: 2000)
Report by: By our man with the PhD in rain awareness

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A rain soaked morning greeted our eager players and many phoned to see "if it was on".  Well, it was.  A break in the weather and the fact that the pitch is in pure chalk, plus a 45 degree slope with some accommodating ridges on the wicket meant that it drained well.  In fact, except for a short downpour, which was followed by a quite hot spell, we saw some ok cricketing weather (not cricketing skill however...).Losing the toss (as is our specialty) we batted first. 

It was clearly a bowers wicket and runs proved hard to get.  Fred was very unlucky to play on early in the game and this set the tone for the day.  In fact 8 of our players scored less that 2 runs, so you can see the problems.  Special mention must go to Rodders who pulled a big one out of the hat with a swashbuckling 24 and to Ben and Neil, the only others to get into double figures.Defending a score of 69 was never going to be easy, however that said our bowlers were remarkably frugal - we bowled 10 maidens out of 26 Overs,- West Meon inched their way towards the target and suddenly it was time for home.

Earlier in the day, the West Meon Captain had told me that they hadn't won a game this year (a bit like us really) and so one team was going home happy.  It's nice to bring joy into others lives isn't it?  It was also specially nice for yours truly to see Chazza and Rodders back on the pitch.

Well, onwards and upwards as they say

Salix CC versus West Meon at West Meon on 09-07-2000(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)69all outoff34.5overs Match Lost
West Meon70for 3off27.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Neil Clark11Caught
2.Fred Maroudas0Bowled
3.Ben Shaw17Caught
4.Charlie Hewitt2LBW
5.Mark Rodbert24Bowled
6.Mark Amselem0Bowled
7.Andy Foster2Caught
8.Dominic Guinness1Caught
9.Tony Fletcher1Not Out
10.Alex Newton0Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs0Bowled
1.Steve Jacobs8460--0.75
2.Alex Newton10.5331131.0065.002.86
3.Neil Clark731025.0021.001.43
4.Andy Foster20180--9.00

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