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Trampled: Mostley Green 30 July (Season: 2000)
Report by: By Fletch. lord of the Mixed Day

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Just when you though it couldn't get no worse, it done got  worse.  The 7 men of Mostley Green trampled an aging Salix team aside in the blistering heat of a West London Sunday oh yes. 

It started badly with Andy Bush having an alcohol induced dream that the game was called off.  Sadly it wasn't. The seven men of Mostley (ex League players to man), batted first and scored pretty well.  Two great catches, one by Simon, low down one handed close in and one by Matt at square leg which fizzed like a rocket and was juggled several times before not being dropped were not enough to stop them hitting an eminently respectable score. 

We shall gloss over Steve's running attempt (juggled a few times but not grasped) and our rather feeble fielding in the hot sun (we get the picture, Ed). Tea wolfed down, we needed six an over. 

It started well with Chris Tavare Spillane and Demon Dave H cracking off in fine style and getting respectable, fast paced runs.  But when they were out around 50 (incidentally, great knock Dave) the usual Salix comedy middle order collapse took over with us taking 10 Overs to get 32. 

A fine run out for Matt was complimented by the amusing stumping of the Clarkster.  Some spunk was injected when Dominic hit 37 in 36 balls - fab, and my cousin Paul, playing his first game for 23 years, hit a natty 27.  But by then it was all to late and it was off home to an early Radox bath (except Andy Bush who had a date with a young lady named Claire at Putney BR station at 8.00pm). 

Hope you scored faster then we did Andy.

Salix CC versus Mostly Green at Glaxo on 30-07-2000(30 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)154for 7off30overs Match Lost
Mostly Green184for 5off30overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane29LBW
2.Dave Henig35Caught
3.Simon Mustafa4Bowled
4.Neil Clark2Stumped
5.Matt Swindells1Run Out
6.Paul Fletcher27Bowled
7.Dominic Guinness37Not Out
8.Tony Fletcher1Run Out
9.Andy Bush2Not Out
10.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Andy Bush60190--3.17
2.Steve Jacobs6039139.0036.006.50
3.Neil Clark6033133.0036.005.50
4.Dave Henig6044144.0036.007.33
5.Dominic Guinness3025125.0018.008.33
6.Matt Swindells3021121.0018.007.00
Simon Mustafa1catch
Matt Swindells1catch
Steve Jacobs1drop

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