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3 wickets for no runs!!: Chalfont Taverners  Seer Green 17 Sept (Season: 2000)
Report by: By our man with the PhD in a bad back

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Dave Henig is writing the match report (see below)  so I will stick to a few instant factoids:

  • their opening batsman was in form, hitting 117 not out
  • our fielding left a bit to be desired
  • Fred got a new Salix record by bowling just the last over and taking 3 wickets for no runs!!  Amazing.  The Destroyer....
  • our batsman stepped up almost to the mark .  Except one.  Er me
  • Paul shrugged off a massive hangover to hit 65 not out

But a nice end to the season, great ground and really nice people

Dave Henig writes.....

The Cookery Lesson ? How to make a typical 2000 Salix game:

1/ Take eleven players, of whom at least one will suffer some problems en route meaning they are late for the start. In this case a dodgy clutch and Simon turned up half an hour after the start.

2/ Lose the toss.

3/ Allow the opposition to get off to a flying start with some lax fielding, feet failing to stop shots, and too many fours.

4/ Add in a slight fight back, as the run rate is brought down by fine bowling, particularly by Simon, and improved fielding. Spice up by having a player with a hangover drop a catch from a player who goes on to score over half of the opposition?s total.

5/ Add to taste an improbable, and ultimately futile, bowling spell, Fred coming on for the last over and taking three wickets without conceding a run.

6/ You now have the first half of the dish, namely a target that is high, but looks to be achievable.

Time to eat, and prepare to cook up a response with the bat.

1/ Make a slow start to the target, losing a couple of early wickets.

2/ Introduce some high and fast scoring batsmen, who will periodically make you think that the target will be met and victory achieved. First Simon, hammering a number of fours, then captain Ben, shaking off bat rustiness, and finally Paul, shaking off large hangover.

3/ Mix with a collapse at some stage of the order, adding comedy dismissals. Fletch will hopefully remember the wicket he took, rather than the one he lost watching a slow ball trundle through, without a shot being offered, before his middle stump is struck.

4/ As an extra, and not typical delicacy, get close enough to the target so that one can ponder the if onlys, and shout at any player playing a defensive shot a la Chris Tavare.

And so, as the light improved towards the end of the day, the 2000 season was over, only the Xmas nets and dinner remaining of cricketing action. And then it will be back into the nets in early 2001 for some practice. 

As if we weren?t perfectly capable of cooking up a cricket match already

Salix CC versus Jordans Taverners (Seer Green) at Seer Green on 17-09-2000(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)197for 7off40overs Match Lost
Jordans Taverners (Seer Green)211for 6off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Craig Brown3LBW
2.Fred Maroudas8Bowled
3.Simon Mustafa41Bowled
4.Ben Shaw27Caught
5.Paul Rogers65Not Out
6.Dave Henig6Caught
7.Tony Fletcher0Bowled
8.Ollie Carter1Caught
9.Dominic Spillane24Not Out
10.Alex Newton0Did Not Bat
11.Irwin Sarif0Did Not Bat
1.Alex Newton8146146.0048.005.75
2.Craig Brown80320--4.00
3.Dave Henig70570--8.14
4.Tony Fletcher8045145.0048.005.62
5.Simon Mustafa8224124.0048.003.00
6.Fred Maroudas11030.002.000.00
Ben Shaw2catches
Ollie Carter1catch
Tony Fletcher1catch
Paul Rogers1drop

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