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Pathetic: Crossbats St Margarets 1 May (Season: 1999)
Report by: No idea

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Notable incidents: Too many to mention. Fletch and Rodbert pathetically out for ducks. Hewitt out for 1.

We were 3 wickets for 2 at one point. Magnificent stand by Simon and Neil Clark who carried his bat.

Neil's previous best being 24, he would have been virile in bed that night, were it not for his bad back. And he bowled as well

Salix CC versus Crossbats at St Margarets on 01-05-1999(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)193for 6off44overs Match Lost
Crossbats194for 4off25.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Charlie Hewitt1LBW
2.Tony Fletcher0Caught
3.Mark Rodbert0Caught
4.Andy Shilling8Bowled
5.Ben Shaw21LBW
6.Neil Clark62Not Out
7.Simon Mustafa61Bowled
8.Craig Brown20Not Out
1.Simon Mustafa9.3042142.0057.004.42
2.Andy Shilling5025125.0030.005.00
3.Charlie Hewitt11045145.0066.004.09

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YM left the following remarks on 13th September 2011

14 sept 2011. Looking again at this match, the catches drops look all wrong. Sadly the book doesnt have the info and as there were only 4 wickets taken, i think its best to let it be blank. for the record, what was there was:

catches Ben Shaw 8, Tony Fletcher 6, Craig Brown 4, Simon Mustafa 4, Andy Shilling 1

drops Tony Fletcher 5, Ben Shaw 4, Simon Mustafa 2, Craig Brown 1

The reprot also mentions Neil bolwed, but as their book wasnt copied, we shall never know..

Fletch left the following remarks on 11th March 2007

This is a really vile artificial strip on a bumpy bit of land, in the middle of one of the most expensive parts of West London. St Margarets. home to half the BBC and Pete Townshend