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David Shepherd has a point.: Welwyn  Village 13/6/99 (Season: 1999)
Report by: Dom G

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At last we take the field on a sunny day and with a side to put fear into the hearts of many. Once again I win the toss and choose to make a short game of it by bowling first. There will not be many occasions when Steve Jacobs has not opened the bowling for Salix but today he came on first change behind Andy Bush and Alex Newton making his first appearance this season. With this many bowlers in the side the captain decided to bowl strict four over spells and at fifty odd for five it looked to be working reasonably well. 

There then followed a frustrating stand by the Welwyn captain and their opening bowler which took the score on towards ninety before their captain was 'bowled off his pads' - he lodged the ball in his pads turned round and dropped it out onto the stumps. Welwyn were all out fairly soon after for 111, maybe David Shepherd has a point. The most notable performance was from Marc Taylor making his debut for the side with some truly aggressive bowling returning 3 for 7 off 5.1 overs.

There followed a cricket tea of a scale I haven't seen since I was playing at school. A cunning ploy to lull us into a false sense of security.

Then we batted and with respect to Johnny Springer (sometime scribe of Sutton United), tits...

We were bowled out for 91 

Salix CC versus Welwyn Village at Welwyn on 13-06-1999(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)91all outoff34.2overs Match Lost
Welwyn Village111all outoff35.1overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.David Dodwell-Bennett15LBW
2.Craig Brown3Bowled
3.Tony Fletcher0Caught
4.Marc Taylor38Caught
5.Andy Bush1Caught
6.Dominic Guinness9LBW
7.Aku Patel0Run Out
8.Alex Newton14Caught
9.Marco Bouman6Caught
10.Dan Jones0Caught
11.Steve Jacobs0Not Out
1.Andy Bush8226126.0048.003.25
2.Alex Newton8133311.0016.004.12
3.Steve Jacobs621025.0018.001.67
4.Marc Taylor5.12732.3310.331.35
5.Aku Patel4090--2.25
6.Dan Jones4019119.0024.004.75
Marco Bouman4catches
Alex Newton2catches
Marc Taylor1catch

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