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Late start: Phene at St Benedicts 20 June 1999 (Season: 1999)
Report by: By Fletch

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The early rain had cleared away and we all arrived for a 2.00 start. They arrived for a 2.30 start, but we got going eventually. Captain Ben won the toss and put all nine of them into bat. There was an early breakthrough when Craig caught Radford off Jacobs for 10, then a spectacular catch when the bowler, Aku Patel, palmed a hard straight drive from their top batsmen Fillip Deelen high into the air for Simon to dive and catch. Top batsmen out for 2. Looking good.

Then misfortune struck when Ben was hit right over his eye by one that sneaked through his outstretched gloves. Six stitches and up the hospital for him. Steve Jacobs took over the captaincy and matters proceeded gently along with most of the Phene getting lowish scores, except a guy in a fancy hat who got 62, before finally being bowled by Fletch. The Phene innings ended with Deelen returning as lowest scorer, whacking 16 off the bowlers before finally, and somewhat bizarrely, stepping on his own wicket from a straight one by Fletch. All out for 159. 2 wickets each for Steve J, Fletch, and Simon, one each for Neil and Aku.

And so, after a massive tea, into bat. A promising opening between Richard and Craig ended with Craig caught to a rather soft one for at 13, but then Simon stepped up to the crease and together with Richard they proceeded to produce the highest ever partnership for Salix 109! A bit of a mid order collapse was followed by stoic batting from Clarky who put us in a position of tying with 3 Overs to go, however it fell to Robert Orr Ewing to put an end to it with a single with 5 balls to go. Salix 160 for 5.

An historic victory over the 9 men of the Phene. And Ben will have a nice scar to show for his return for honeymoon, oh yes, and the dropped catch league gets a few extra: with Jacobs putting down 2! Fletch dropping a hard one on the slips and Richard slipping up slightly. We have magnanimously decided that Aku didn't really drop the one that Simon caught, so all's well that ends well

Salix CC versus Phene at St Benedicts School on 20-06-1999(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)160for 5off35.2overs Match Won
Phene159all outoff30.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Richard Winter27Caught
2.Craig Brown7Caught
3.Simon Mustafa90Bowled
4.David Dodwell-Bennett2Bowled
5.Neil Clark10Not Out
6.Tony Fletcher2Caught
7.Robert Orr Ewing1Not Out
8.Aku Patel0Did Not Bat
9.Dave Henig0Did Not Bat
10.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs8228214.0024.003.50
2.Aku Patel6039139.0036.006.50
3.Simon Mustafa8020210.0024.002.50
4.Neil Clark5018118.0030.003.60
5.Dave Henig10140--14.00
6.Tony Fletcher1.201527.504.0011.25
7.Craig Brown10150--15.00

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