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Round his legs: Wombats June 27th at Glaxo (Season: 1999)
Report by: Mr G

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The day started early as Tea duty had reached the captain's turn so a 7am start on the sandwiches was required. Then a trip down to Putney for a couple of hours to Barnes Bridge and back setting the tone for what I was expecting to be a depressing day.

It was threatening to rain all the way back and sure enough as I got in to my car to head to Greenford the grey skies finally broke. I reached the ground expecting to be told that it was called off and had already started to work out what to do with sandwiches for twenty two. However, we decided that since everyone had turned up we might as well get started, and barring a brief break after five overs the weather got better and I headed home with a sunburned face. Anyway I won the toss again, more fortunately this time and we decided to bat. Mr Shaw and Mr Dodwell Bennett putting on 36 for the first wicket with Mr Shaw showing no ill effects from his accident the previous weekend (apart from six stitches in a black eye of course), then Mr Taylor came in and with him our hopes for a winning score. Sure enough first ball he gave them a chance we they kindly refused and then he started taking the attack to them. He lost the company of Mr Shaw with the score on 48 and Mr Fletcher came in after a long session in the net warming up. The captain was the next man to join Mr Taylor after a gently chipped catch to mid-off and a bat thrown a la Dan Jones in disgust (a trait that we could well do with forgetting). 51 for 3. 

There then followed an improved period for Salix with 60 put on for the next wicket and the game accelerating nicely until Mr Fletcher, now wearing the umpire?s coat gave the captain out LBW. (When hit on the front pad going for a sweep off a left arm bowler bowling round the wicket, I?m not bitter but I refer him to Mr Rodbert?s fledgling series on umpiring?). Most frustrating about the next phase of the game was the bowler who went on to take the next two wickets (each for a duck) was bowling innocuous, slow, nothing balls and at 113 for 6 from 20 overs we needed to settle down again.

Cue Mr Cox playing his first innings for Salix and I hope not his last as he showed great style and an admirably straight bat in making 16 before being caught, with five overs remaining and the score at 134. He was followed by Alex Putt, who also batted very well and between him and Mr Taylor took the score to 178 before Mr Taylor was bowled with a ball to go trying to put one on to the A40. Enter Mr Bouman with just a single ball to face and he duly made his single. So we set a target of 180 from six overs and despite the absence of a number of our regular bowlers we were fairly confident of a result.

The sun started to appear as we took the field and Mr Newton opened the bowling with your correspondent having decided to keep Mr Taylor for a later stage. We started well, keeping their rate down without taking any wickets until Mr Guinness sent down his first shockingly awful ball which the batsman generously lobbed to mid-off. Mr Callow took a fine catch and we were on our way. Mr Henig from the Poplar tree end and Mr Fletcher from the pavilion end replaced Mr Newton and Mr Guinness after five overs. Mr Fletcher's spell was highlighted by three particular phases. Firstly yet another Salix first (that I can remember anyway) when he bowled their opening batsman for 39 around his legs!! Next up was his frustration as catches kept going to holes in the field (and he was dropped twice) and thirdly his unfortunate habit of giving one of their batsman the opportunity to hook his full tosses for six. Twice. We were now about half way through over-wise and the time had come to bring Mr Taylor into the attack.

Sure enough the run rate was brought back down and by the end of his spell he had taken a couple of wickets for just 19 runs and Mr Henig had also taken one to leave Wombats requiring 40 or so from the final four overs. Mr Newton bowled a good over, then Mr Guinness took a wicket, bringing we hoped another weaker batsman to the crease. However it only brought in a man who appeared to see the ball like a football although that might have had something to do with a poor second spell by Mr Guinness.

Anyway, the final over comes, they require fifteen from it it and I have the dubious honour of delivering it. Three balls later they require 12 from three balls we are doing OK then they need 7 from the final ball. ?Don?t bowl a wide? is the call that comes round. So sure enough the ball goes down leg side and Mr Shaw does well to stop it. 6 needed from the last ball. It is again wide enough to be called but the batsman connects anyway. They take a single and Salix win by five runs? A close win and a good performance from the team. Man of the match has to Mr Taylor with 77 runs and 6 overs, 1 maiden, 2 for 19.

 Additional comments

From: Henig, David H Sent: 30 June 1999 15:52   re. "some slack fielding" against the Wombats.

Granted, but there were exceptions, such as Fletch's stunning slip catch from Marc Taylor's bowling. Down low to his right, from a quick ball, either stunning skill or lucky as hell.

And as for "It's a Dom", mocking our beloved captain, how about "It's a Fletch" where a ball is hit high in the air and you wander aimlessly with arms outstretched, like a sleepwalker, hoping the ball will accidentally fall into one of the hands. Also against the Wombats.

It's a funny old game, as someone once said, but that wasn't cricket. Is this?


Salix CC versus Wombats (Northwood & Pinner) at Glaxo on 27-06-1999(30 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)179for 8off30overs Match Won
Wombats (Northwood & Pinner)172for 6off30overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.David Dodwell-Bennett7Caught
2.Ben Shaw24Bowled
3.Marc Taylor77Bowled
4.Tony Fletcher1Caught
5.Dominic Guinness14LBW
6.Dave Henig0Caught
7. Callow0Bowled
8.Richard Cox16Caught & Bowled
9.Marco Bouman1Not Out
10.Alex Putt13Not Out
11.Alex Newton0Did Not Bat
1.Alex Newton60390--6.50
2.Dominic Guinness6033216.5018.005.50
3.Tony Fletcher6046146.0036.007.67
4.Dave Henig6039139.0036.006.50
5.Marc Taylor611929.5018.003.17

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