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Freakishly hot,: West Meon 11 July (Season: 1999)
Report by: Report by Fletch

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Notable incidents:

for a start it was freakishly hot, and the pitch had a huge slope...As usual our dismal batting gave us nothing to aim at. Fletch was out hit wicket (he is trying for a record number of crap ways out this season..), Dominic and Steve J enjoyed a "comedy run out". Charlie turned up to do a bit of umpiring and Fred's Bosses secretary did us a lovely tea. Their best bowler was the guy who did the Salix sweaters for us...They were nice people. We'll be back next year....

(Oh yes, Rodders dropped a sitter in the slips..)

Salix CC versus West Meon at West Meon on 11-07-1999(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)75all outoff31overs Match Lost
West Meon76for 2off24.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Marc Taylor19Bowled
2.Fred Maroudas7Bowled
3.Mark Rodbert7Bowled
4.Robert Orr Ewing9Bowled
5.Dave Sawtell3Bowled
6.Andy Bush0Bowled
7.John Lock3Caught
8.Matt Swindells4Bowled
9.Tony Fletcher0Hit Wicket
10.Dominic Guinness13Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Run Out
1.Steve Jacobs70210--3.00
2.Andy Bush911929.5027.002.11
3.Marc Taylor5.4280--1.41
4.Dave Sawtell20100--5.00
5.Fred Maroudas1100--0.00

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