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They were Sober: Radcliffe 1 Aug 99 at Glaxo (Season: 1999)
Report by: By Fletch

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ROE walks the long walk as Lockster chats to Clarkster
The sacred duty of writing up the game falls to your organiser this week (power to he who writes the memo, sayeth the man whose wonderful catch behind the wickets against Belmont was mysteriously left out of last weeks Captains summary)

A red hot day (hottest since 1976: M. Fish) saw Radcliffe trundle up a little late after running out of diesel on the M1, but with a secret weapon - they were all sober (and young, and fit looking?)

Winning the toss with his lucky coin, our Captain put us into bat (it was baking down on the strip..) and we set off a little jerkily with Robert OE unluckily playing on. Things stabilized when Simon (having fully recovered from his dodgy Thai of the week before) and Clarkey putting on a fair few runs, followed by our middle order who did a sterling job in the full glare and blinding heat of the hottest day ever recorded).

With a fast outfield, any ball that beat a fielder was going to go for 4 and thus it went on. As ever our ringer, the Kiwi Solicitor Lincoln, was in excellent form hitting a high score of 42 before a rather bizarre mix up saw him run out.

Things faltered a little as Irwin and Fletch fell in quick succession (no excuses from me - a pathetic shot as usual), but Dom and Andy B put up a spirited tail end and we finished up the 35 overs with a reasonable 185 for 8. But would it be enough?

You could have fried an egg on the outfield and it was running fast?.

We turned the tea round PDQ and drank the 20 gallons of water, then in came Radcliffe. Perhaps this break is the time to single out our Captain who started well (he brought not one, but 4 high class ringers plus some girls too (bonus mark) plus he hit a good tail end 26 (extra bonus points). Both these bonus marks were to disappear when it came to fielding????

As Radcliffe came in to bat they needed 5 an over to win, and they steadily hit these, losing the odd wicket on the way, as they cruised to the winning score with 2 overs left and 5 wickets. We didn?t bowl badly, we didn?t even field badly (all three dropped catches were tricky ones, although the positioning of these has propelled Dominic to the top of the dropped catch league). They just played well.

And boy was it warm out there.


Salix CC versus Radcliffe Rovers at Glaxo on 01-08-1999(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)185for 8off35overs Match Lost
Radcliffe Rovers186for 4off32.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Neil Clark15LBW
2.Robert Orr Ewing0Bowled
3.Simon Mustafa35Caught
4.Paul Lincoln42Run Out
5.Ben Shaw19LBW
6.John Lock13Caught
7.Irwin Sarif0Caught
8.Tony Fletcher1Caught & Bowled
9.Andy Bush15Not Out
10.Dominic Guinness26Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs7039139.0042.005.57
2.Andy Bush7036136.0042.005.14
3.Paul Lincoln71440--6.29
4.Neil Clark7027127.0042.003.86
5.Simon Mustafa2.2024124.0014.0010.29
6.Dominic Guinness20160--8.00

Fletch signals for more fags to be brought on

Clarskster gets LBW'd ( a bit high maybe?)

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