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Horribly hot and 100% humid: Presidents XI, Haydens Road 7 Aug (Season: 1999)
Report by: By Fletch. lord of the Mixed Day

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Matt gets dropped by the keeper
This game dawned with a serious downpour in West London and some of the more lily livered players ringing organiser up "Is it off?" they asked. "Am I clairvoyant? " I answered. As it happens the weather came out horribly hot and 100% humid making a truly sweaty day for us all.

Following in proper Captain Dominic's path, Captain Ben duly won the toss, and against his better judgement (and perhaps swayed by the fact that Alex wanted to get off for a dinner party..) he elected to field first.

Opening bowler Steve J's first couple were a little wide - looseners we thought, until he pointed out that the stumps at one end were at least 2 feet wide of the middle. They were duly repositioned and he thundered in?? Alex had arrived by this time (blaming a crème brulee for his late arrival) but there was no sign of Simon Davies or Rob Bailey so we were down to nine, although the Prez kindly lent us two players

Quite clearly something was wrong in the field as Captain Ben commenced as he meant to go on, duly putting down a sitter, palming it towards Fletch in first slip who was far to slow to grasp it. So, a double drop for the League. Things duly went from bad to worse with 7 dropped catches in total (including their guy who got 50, who Fletch put down in the slips early on.) Things livened up a bit as their wickets fell steadily and we held on to a least a few. Of our bowlers, Craig bowled superbly getting 2 for 16 of 7 Overs, and Fletch duly bought three wickets in the middle for 43.

We went off for tea looking at 149 (after accidentally playing 36 Overs). It looked do-able.

It wasn't.

Our innings started reasonably enough, if a little slowly. The boundary being a mile away didn't help the score move along much, but Mark and Craig put on 20 for the first wicket, followed by Matt who took us up to 56 for 2 before being caught. Captain Ben's terrible day then continued as he followed number 4 Adam (out, duck three balls) before being caught behind of his gloves after two balls . Zero. We stabilised somewhat as Alex came in a played a blinder along with Craig, but we were maybe just too far behind as the tailenders struggled along and faced trying to get 19 off the last two Overs. We got ten, but that was it.

Man of the match undoubtedly Craig Brown - great bowling and a great 62 runs.

Bad day of the year Captain Ben. 3 drops and a duck

Multiply mixed up day: Fletch 3 wickets, 2 catches, 3 drops


Salix CC versus Presidents at Haydons Road on 07-08-1999(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)140for 8off36overs Match Lost
Presidents149for 9off36overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Craig Brown62Bowled
2.Mark Amselem9Caught
3.Matt Swindells12Caught
4.Adam Smith0Caught
5.Ben Shaw0Caught
6.Alex Newton27Bowled
7. Lake1Not Out
8.Tony Fletcher4Run Out
9.Dave Henig8Caught
10.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs7116116.0042.002.29
2.Alex Newton7130130.0042.004.29
3.Dave Henig20210--10.50
4.Craig Brown721628.0021.002.29
5.Tony Fletcher7143314.3314.006.14
6.Matt Swindells6120210.0018.003.33

Ben shows better form against the fence than against the bow

Hero Craig plays a straight bat

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