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Extraordinary game!: AMC (Season: 1992)
Report by: Prob by Rodders

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Notable Incidents: Extraordinary game! We lost and I still don?t know how.

They batted first and at 19 for 6 after 6 overs we were bowling dollies, and it looked like we?d hit the pub early. Then their best bat turned up scoring 50 in 10 mins at No.7, retired; came back last wicket and scored another 46 (making 96no out of a total of 132) before they were all out.

Despite Will?s 60no we fell 5 short.

Footnote by Fletch

My pal Andy Cresswell was a lawyer at AMC, that's why we played them I think

Also, my pal Big Al played for us. He used to be County Standard (well at tennis anyhow) but sadly a hard party lifestyle did for his timing in this game....

Salix CC versus Ashurst Morris Crisp at Roehampton on 29-07-1992(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)127all outoff19overs Match Lost
Ashurst Morris Crisp132for 9off21overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1. Adams1Bowled
2.Will Wigmore60Not Out
3.Mark Rodbert9Bowled
4.Alistair MacDonald4Caught
5.Jon Evans7Caught
6.Mike Nevin9Bowled
7.John Lock4Bowled
8.Tony Fletcher20Bowled
9.Howard Bradley5Caught
10.Tim Bingham0Caught
11.Phil Wilson0Bowled
1. Adams5022211.0015.004.40
2.Tim Bingham421628.0012.004.00
3.Howard Bradley20210--10.50
4.Jon Evans3021121.0018.007.00
5.Mark Rodbert10200--20.00
6.Will Wigmore3020120.0018.006.67
7.Phil Wilson301243.004.504.00

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