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Totally unmemorable: Ruislip 2ND's 9 Aug 1998 North Acton (Season: 1998)
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Salix CC versus Ruislip 2nd XI at North Acton on 09-08-1998(Timed Game)
Salix CC (batting first)174for 9off44overs Match Won
Ruislip 2nd XI146all outoff35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Ronnie MacKay11Bowled
2. Kapoor0Bowled
3.Mike Harte22Bowled
4.Andy Bush0Bowled
5.Ben Shaw29Caught
6.Fred Maroudas33Caught & Bowled
7.David Dodwell-Bennett0Bowled
8.Andy Foster21Bowled
9.Tony Fletcher4Bowled
10.Gwynn Beech3Not Out
11.Dave Henig5Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs1103766.1711.003.36
2.Andy Bush6219119.0036.003.17
3. Kapoor8039139.0048.004.88
4.Andy Foster4027127.0024.006.75
5.Gwynn Beech2070--3.50
6.Ronnie MacKay41919.0024.002.25

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YM left the following remarks on 27th August 2011

208 aug 2011. as Steve J points out an odd score card. If he bowled why didn't he bat? also why did we not bowl Mike Harte - one of the LNs who played for us.