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Satisfyingly easy win: Tax Old Marsh Boys 25 May 1995 (Season: 1995)
Report by: Prob by Rodders

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Satisfyingly easy win over several of our current team mates – Shilling & Clark (who batted twice ‘coz he was out for a golden duck). Noteworthy: Charles’ 1st game as skipp & a win, although his idea of 8 ball overs to speed things up has not been heard of again & our 1st game at Hampstead Heath. Small footnote: Rodders hit 2 of the first 4 balls of the game for boundaries – must be some kind of record.

Contemporary match report as written by Andy Shilling (OM Boys) after the game played on 25 May 1995


In the absence of any formerly-in-the-Parsons Group -now-in-the-McFarlane-group-players, week 2 was an unexpected chance for Old Marsh Boys to regain some of the pride obliterated the previous week. The team knew it would be a hard fight against the might of M.C. when they noticed white as the predominant colour of the opposition's flannels.

Again the skipper called wrong (despite having consulted Mystic Meg) and again the OMB's found themselves in the unlucky position of having to field first. A further MC ploy of having 15 8- ball overs disconcerted the lads and militated against their lack of fitness.

The first over was drawing towards its expected anti-climax when Rodbert, showing considerable over-confidence, stunned the assembled spectator by running himself out by the length of his waistline - about 1 1/2 yards. There then followed a period of stolid and solid consolidation until cockiness again set in: Kiernan having batted comfortably, attempted to play Amin off the back of his bat and got caught, whereas Comfort, having batted Kiernan ably, paused in mid wicket to relive his relief at his reprieve by the wicket keeper and was run out by Amin's one accurate throw of the day. When Curtis was out to first-ball Marsh, OMBS, if not fully on top, had at least one leg over.

They reckoned, however, without the guile of Hewitt who, with the stickability of the Sadfs, guided his team through some testing overs (testing for bowlers and fielders) before, borne down by the weight of his beard and the expectancy of needing a 6 off the final ball to complete a half-century, holing out to mid-on. A born optimist never having seen 0MBs bat thought honours about even.

The old opening partnership of Clark and Nabi failed to last the first over. Clark, having, thrown away his zimmer frame to play threw away his wicket second ball closely followed by the disconsolate Nabi. The prophets of doom on the boundary edge were then truly dumbfounded by a stunning, salvo from Amin and Shilling, adding 40 runs at great pace initially such that after 6 overs OMBs were ahead of the target. Regrettably, the much heralded hailstorm, which, would have meant a victory on a faster run-rate, failed to materialise, and the niggardly Bridges with his curmudgeonly cack-handed seam up then conceded 'ust six runs from 24 deliveries. The main beneficiary of this was Curtis, bowling at the other end, who took three wickets, including, Lyford and Ellis for ducks.

A special mention should be made of the latter, whose zero was the cricket equivalent of having,, teeth pulled without anaesthetic. Another special mention should be made of umpire Shakoor Rana who failed to hear the only occasion that Ellis hit the ball when it was caught by the keeper.

After the dismissals of Marsh and Martin, Clark and Lyford II, a rare event of a sequel being better than the original, chalked up a very tedious second highest partnership of the innings (11 !!) before the curtain came down.

Salix CC versus Tax Old Marsh Boys at Paddington Rec on 29-05-1995(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)115for 6off15overs Match Won
Tax Old Marsh Boys82for 8off20overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Iain Kiernan15Caught
2.Mark Rodbert9Run Out
3.Graham Comfort17Run Out
4.Charlie Hewitt45Caught
5.Simon Curtis0Caught
6.J Sarif13Run Out
7.Irwin Sarif3Not Out
8.D Bridges0Did Not Bat
9.Tom Flexen0Did Not Bat
10.Dan Hall0Did Not Bat
1.D Bridges4060--1.50
2.Simon Curtis401535.008.003.75
3.Tom Flexen40220--5.50
4.Dan Hall4027213.5012.006.75
5.Charlie Hewitt30321.509.001.00
6.Iain Kiernan10111.006.001.00

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