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Rodders was run out.: Nat West consulting - at Norbury12th July 1995 (Season: 1995)
Report by: Fletchster

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The lost game.  We just discovered a photocopy of the score book...and it appears that Rodders was run out. 


Salix CC versus Nat West Consulting at Norbury on 12-06-1995(25 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)158for 4off25overs Match Won
Nat West Consulting138for 7off24overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Tom Flexen13Run Out
2.Graham Comfort6LBW
3.Dan Hall4Retired Hurt
4.Mark Rodbert25Run Out
5.Robert Orr Ewing33Caught
6.Rob Bailey50Retired
7.Charlie Hewitt12Not Out
8.D Bridges2Not Out
9.Simon Creedy-Smith0Did Not Bat
10.Mark Barrott0Did Not Bat
11.Irwin Sarif0Did Not Bat
1.D Bridges5119119.0030.003.80
2.Mark Barrott5035217.5015.007.00
3.Simon Creedy-Smith50380--7.60
4.Rob Bailey51824.0015.001.60
5.Charlie Hewitt4023123.0024.005.75

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