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Grudge match: Cresswell 28/06/95 (Season: 1995)
Report by: Fletch -well maybe?

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Versus Cresswell and Co (was Davies Arnold Cooper).

This has always been a grudge match, we whacked them, then they destroyed us two years running. The match was held on a iron hard ground, in the high 80's at Putney and what a game.

Noticeable for its bad temper, firstly our wicket keeper (Irwin) was warned for offering unwanted advice to the batsmen, then things got really bad, disputed decisions, shouting and the general offering of a bit of violence. Yours truly even had to give his esteemed Captain Charlie (that's courage) out lbw, and I wish I could say he took it like a man...

They batted first and scored 158 and we then entered the last over with two wickets left needing 8. We got it!! (Well done Dan). We missed you Mark, did you enjoy the seminar (ha ha)

Salix CC versus Cresswell at Wandsworth on 28-06-1995(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)159for 5off20overs Match Won
Cresswell158for 2off20overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Charlie Hewitt23LBW
2.Robert Orr Ewing50Retired
3.Tom Flexen37Caught
4.Mark Barrott9Bowled
5.Tony Fletcher12Run Out
6.Tim Bingham0Bowled
7.Peter Thwaite1Not Out
8.Dan Hall8Not Out
9.Irwin Sarif0Did Not Bat
10.J Sarif0Did Not Bat
11.David Goodwin0Did Not Bat
1.Mark Barrott40280--7.00
2.Tim Bingham40150--3.75
3.David Goodwin4028128.0024.007.00
4.Tony Fletcher20260--13.00
5.Dan Hall40260--6.50
6.Charlie Hewitt2019119.0012.009.50

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Fletchster left the following remarks on 10th March 2007

Actually if I remember correctly, The Rhodesian Love machine suggested the batsman might be partial to the odd hand shandy now and then. He in turn offered to remove the RLM (who was keeping's) head, it all settled down and he was bowled next ball. Who says sledging don't work .