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Great tea: Abraxas 21 06  at  Highate CC (Season: 1994)
Report by: Prob by Rodders

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LOSS. Our regular season opener with Abraxas at Highate.

Pathetic, but not unexpected collapse by us followed by bad bowling handed them victory on a plate. As usual, great tea afterwards.

Salix CC versus Abraxas at Highgate on 21-06-1994(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)105for 6off20overs Match Lost
Abraxas108for 7off19.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Graham Comfort32Run Out
2.Dan Hall8Bowled
3.Mark Rodbert4Bowled
4.Iain Kiernan21Caught
5.Charlie Hewitt21Caught
6.Jeremy Brown3Run Out
7.Tony Fletcher2Not Out
8.Simon Curtis0Did Not Bat
9.Adam Smith8Not Out
10.Phil Wilson0Did Not Bat
1.Jeremy Brown401628.0012.004.00
2.Simon Curtis402947.256.007.25
3.Dan Hall30120--4.00
4.Charlie Hewitt2.3110110.0015.004.00
5.Iain Kiernan1010--1.00
6.Adam Smith20120--6.00
7.Phil Wilson30240--8.00

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