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An Easy WIN.: Nat West Consulting 5/8 (Season: 1994)
Report by: Rodders

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An Easy WIN. We batted first with Kiernan and Rodbert adding more than 80 before Ian retired. Simon Creedy-Smith, the partner for NWB, was then out first ball, golden duck. The laughter took several minutes to subside. With a large first innings total even 6 overs shared by Sarif and Rodbert at the death couldn’t engineer a close result.

Salix CC versus Nat West Consulting at Highgate on 05-08-1994(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)138for 4off20overs Match Won
Nat West Consulting92for 7off20overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Iain Kiernan55Retired
2.Mark Rodbert37Stumped
3.Simon Creedy-Smith0Bowled
4.Irwin Sarif15LBW
5.Charlie Hewitt9Caught
6.Howard Bradley15Not Out
7.Simon Ravenhill0Not Out
8.Simon Curtis0Did Not Bat
9.Maurice Samuel0Did Not Bat
10.Harjit Johal0Did Not Bat
11.Ian Ramsden0Did Not Bat
1.Howard Bradley4013113.0024.003.25
2.Simon Creedy-Smith4019119.0024.004.75
3.Simon Curtis2013113.0012.006.50
4.Charlie Hewitt20623.006.003.00
5.Mark Rodbert2090--4.50
6.Maurice Samuel20616.0012.003.00
7.Irwin Sarif40717.0024.001.75

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