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Lucky to come second: FNB 12 Aug 1994 (Season: 1994)
Report by: Prob by Rodders

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In the words of the late Don Revie, "We were lucky to come second". Highlights were Kiernan’s batting and bowling, but extras were 2nd top scorer with 19 and we were all out with 2 overs to spare. This was Neil Clarke’s first game for us; he didn’t play again for 3 years, sensible fellow.

Salix CC versus First National Bank at Hatch End on 12-08-1994(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)96for 9off18overs Match Lost
First National Bank155for 4off18overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Iain Kiernan25Bowled
2.Mark Rodbert3Run Out
3.Dan Hall1Run Out
4.Charlie Hewitt6Caught
5.Graham Comfort14Bowled
6.Jeremy Brown8Bowled
7.Ziyad Georgis0Caught
8.Tom Flexen0Bowled
9.Simon Curtis2Bowled
10.Maurice Samuel3Not Out
11.Neil Clark15Not Out
1.Jeremy Brown20220--11.00
2.Simon Curtis3024124.0018.008.00
3.Tom Flexen20230--11.50
4.Charlie Hewitt4028128.0024.007.00
5.Iain Kiernan4017117.0024.004.25
6.Maurice Samuel3031131.0018.0010.33

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