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And the season starts: Islip May 16 2004 (Season: 2004)
Report by: the Direktor

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The Boyz of summer
Islip 2004: L-R Back: Rajeev, Warrick, Adam, Chris, Toby, Stu, Fletch Front: Clarkster, Capn Ben, New Dom, Daveski

So, a sunny day. No drizzle. This couldn't be the day of the Islip game could it? It's always freezing. But no, our first game of the season (the MW game was rained off) was a real sunfest. Our gracious hosts did not disappoint with the usual foot long grass in the outfield (thanks to the Council apparently) and a slightly skew-whiff wicket. But hey. I was too busy taking the team photo to remember who won the toss, but Islip batted first. And the ageing body of Clarkster bowled their opener, first over. But there was no more gladness for Salix for a quite while. New Dom dropped a tricky one in the slips and Warrick laboured manfully away as our Andy Bush replacement from the uphill end (pre game preparation: a skinful and bed at 6 am. it's the Salix way).

Given that many of the team were playing for Salix for the first time we slotted together pretty well however even though the first and second change bowlers plugged away manfully it was to no real avail. It therefore wasn't until Fletch and Dave came on that we broke through with Dave buying a wicket at roughly the price the Thai Government is offering for 50% of Liverpool FC and Fletch somewhat amazingly clean bowling someone. Still we kept on but the Islip tail did well and it was 188 at tea. Notable fielding moments included Adam chucking in a great one from the boundary for Fletch to do an easy run out and New Dom doing a comedy stop with his knee (followed by the obligatory comedy limp). Oh yes and yours truly got his 100th club wicket.

A luvverly tea saw Clarkster then repeat his first over skillfulness by getting run out in a mix up with New Dom. (*) see amendment Adam repeated his previous performances for Salix by not troubling the scorer unduly, but then Warrick and Rajeev did the decent thing and stiffened the middle order. By 20 overs we were on the run rate and, as all Salixites know, at a fulcrum of instability. So a couple of quick wickets then a mercifully brief and totally pathetic collapse of the tail saw us all off early to the boozer for a swifty.

MOTM, New Dom for a fighting 52 in red hot weather and a comedy limp: pathetic batting, toss up really between me, Stu and Dave. As ever great opponents (and this time with the benefit of a little crowd of spectators on the hill. Lager, sunshine, football shirts, good natured abuse mainly directed at Frank and even a little trouser dropping.) A classic English game of cricket. Life doesn't get better than this

(*) amendment Neil writes: The run out wasn't a mix-up - just a case of a 40-year old batsman losing out to a 25-year old fielder.

Salix CC versus Islip at Islip on 16-05-2004(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)132all outoff35overs Match Lost
Islip188for 7off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Neil Clark1Run Out
2.Dominic Spillane52Bowled
3.Adam Darling0Bowled
4.Warrick Cumming18Bowled
5.Rajeev Sanwalka18Caught
6.Chris Minehan6Bowled
7.Toby Lewis0Stumped
8.Stuart Hutchings3Bowled
9.Ben Shaw10Not Out
10.Dave Henig0Caught
11.Tony Fletcher0Caught
1.Neil Clark4011111.0024.002.75
2.Warrick Cumming82200--2.50
3.Chris Minehan40230--5.75
4.Toby Lewis40170--4.25
5.Tony Fletcher8033216.5024.004.12
6.Dave Henig4136136.0024.009.00
7.Stuart Hutchings40170--4.25
8.Rajeev Sanwalka4025212.5012.006.25
Toby Lewis2catches
Stuart Hutchings1catch
Chris Minehan1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop

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