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loverly place: Hawridge & Cholesbury 27 June 2004 (Season: 2004)
Report by: Ginger:

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One of the best aspects of playing for Salix is that we sometimes play opposition located in England's green and pleasant countryside, their grounds accessible only after a winding drive through tree covered country roads.

One of the worst is then playing like a bunch of goons who look as though they only played cricket for the first time last week. Amazingly, we came away with a draw, but only after the heavens opened on what had been for the most part a sunny day.

Yet again, we lost the toss and yet again we fielded first. Warrick and I opened the bowling to mediocre effect, our only breakthrough paving the way for the Hawridge no.3 to come in and hit the ball even harder around the ground. He was eventually clean bowled by new boy Roger, who bowled well enough and was unlucky not to get more wickets - especially that of their other opener who was dropped off Roger's bowling and went on to make 145.

Our fielding was generally dire; 4 dropped catches out of 5 isn't good enough and we probably gave them another 40 runs from misfields. Dave Henig bowled well in difficult circumstances and Aslan, a Hawridge replacement for a Fletch absent dancing the Tijuana Foxtrot, deserved far more for his efforts.

Even given a short boundary, a total of 270 odd looked imposing. Dominic rode his luck, but still went early and Andy Rayner looked the part before being run out on a scamper between the wickets which should never have been called. The scoreboard gradually ticked over and the wickets gradually fell, with everyone getting a few runs, but no-one getting the sort of score that was likely to put us in a winning position. Eventually it started to rain and looking as though it wouldn't stop, the two skippers agreed on a draw that was far more flattering to Salix.

The only highlight of the innings was the 6 run between the wickets by Matt and Andy after the Hawridge fielder stopped the ball on the boundary before proceeding to trip over it and into the brambles on the other side from which he could not extricate himself.

A lovely day out; beautiful pitch, friendly opposition and a quite magnificent tea. Let's hope we give a better account of ourselves next time we play them.

Salix CC versus Hawridge and Cholesbury at Hawridge on 27-06-2004(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)104for 6off26overs Match Abandoned
Hawridge and Cholesbury267for 6off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane6Caught
2.Matt Swindells42Caught
3.Andy Rayner16Run Out
4.Adam Darling9Bowled
5.Ben Shaw7Not Out
6.Roger Heaton2Bowled
7.Stuart Hutchings0Bowled
8.Warrick Cumming0Did Not Bat
9.Taj Aslam (Guest)0Did Not Bat
10.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
11.Dave Henig0Did Not Bat
1.Warrick Cumming60430--7.17
2.Mike Ellis8043221.5024.005.38
3.Roger Heaton8061161.0048.007.62
4.Dave Henig6029214.5018.004.83
5.Andy Rayner50430--8.60
6.Taj Aslam (Guest)7045145.0042.006.43
Andy Rayner1catch
Adam Darling1drop
Stuart Hutchings1drop
Matt Swindells1drop

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