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Fumble-a-thon: Lemmings 25 July 2004 (Season: 2004)
Report by: A bitter man, Fletch

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It was growing dark. The Fletch Ford Focus, packed to the gills with smelly gear and disaffected cricketers had been stationary on the M40 for nearly an hour (cause: a dead horse in the road). Talk had turned to games you play with the letters on number plates. It was clear the occupants could not bring themselves to talk of the mauling we had inflicted on ourselves that day.

Back at 11.45, the day was sunny as the lads packed into the overloaded Focus. But as we got on the motorway the traffic stated backing up and big fat raindrops fell on the windscreen. An omen perhaps? Two hours later as we drove through Cowley (you can tell by the architecture?) we were feeling ready for the game, but slightly on the edgy side.

Losing the toss, the Lemmings batted first. And things looked a little brighter as yours truly took a catch low down at slip. I normally require written advance notice to bend over, so this was a little special for me. And then I came onto bowl and third ball their Captain and opener dollyed the most dolly of dolly catches to Mr (It?s not our policy to name and shame) who took his or her eye off it and Lurpaked it to the floor.

But this was the only fumble of a pretty good attack. We actually there was one more, but he?s VC, so he might drop me if I mention it. We bowled well, held some belting catches (Ginge, one hand, best of the day) and had them on the ropes, until a fine last wicket stand saw us all into tea with 156 to get. Looked a probable for sure.

Out into bat and New Dom and unnamed person from earlier got us of to a cracking start ? indeed, New Dom might have been a little streaky with edges being dropped etc, but we were on the run rate and looking good. But that was to ignore the fabled Salix middle order ongoing duck fiasco that was lurking round the corner.

As the middle order went out and then straight back (a hat trick for the Lemmings no less)! It all looked rather over. Ginge was woken from his post hangover slumber and managed a few through the haze, then yours truly and the Captain made a brave last stand but twas all in vain.

Then off the pub with the Lemmings before a 2.5 hour drive home. Truthfully not a day for Salix to remember, expect for the very good nature of our opponents, the lovely ground and the fact we have a great new fixture for next year.

And so to the registration game: use the initial letters to make up a meaningful English phrase. Eg like H331TRB or LW03WWC or LF99TMS. We suggest: Terribly rubbish batting. We were crap. The Middleorder sucks.

Salix CC versus Lemmings at Magdalene College on 25-07-2004(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)106all outoff28overs Match Lost
Lemmings156for 8off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Matt Swindells37Bowled
2.Dominic Spillane11LBW
3.Andy Rayner8Bowled
4.Ben Shaw12Not Out
5.Robert Orr Ewing0LBW
6.David Dodwell-Bennett0LBW
7.Adam Darling0LBW
8.Toby Lewis0Bowled
9.Madhu Chaganti4Bowled
10.Mike Ellis2Bowled
11.Tony Fletcher8Bowled
1.Andy Rayner4022122.0024.005.50
2.Mike Ellis7122211.0021.003.14
3.Tony Fletcher7035135.0042.005.00
4.Toby Lewis6134134.0036.005.67
5.Madhu Chaganti7223211.5021.003.29
6.Adam Darling40150--3.75
Tony Fletcher2catches
Adam Darling1catch
Mike Ellis1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Andy Rayner1drop
Matt Swindells1drop

The lads enjoy their tea in Magdelen College Pavillion prior

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