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Not at our strongest....: Whalers 1 Aug 2004 (Season: 2004)
Report by: Fletchster

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Stump-meister Gumbo
As England trounced the Windies in the second test Captain Andy was losing the toss to the Whalers at Glaxo. Sporting three members with American accents (one indeed from those shores), three players on their first time for Salix and indeed only 10 men we were perhaps not at our strongest.

But I digress. The Whalers started well, but Captain Andy got a couple and yours truly and CK1 got others, but they were scoring well on a fast field and their middle order rocketed away - not helped I must say by Salix dropping no less than 5 catches and propelling an unamed team member to an impregnable lead in the Lurpak league. Das is not gut. nein. New boy behind the sticks "Gumbo" Garner took two good stumpings, but on 258 after 40 overs the Whalers looked impregnable. And thus it was to pass.

Openers Captain Andy and Dave played steadily against some very good bowling, but a dip in the middle order again (I have now programmed a macro in Word to write the phrase "middle order collapse" ) could not have been less helpful and although the tail saw us up to 117 it was never a contest.

(Pic our new Stumpmeister poses in front of an object that mirrors our performance)

But a big up to our Yankee import Barrett "The Hoguester" Hogue as our pinch hitter, fielding well under the helmet and hitting a homer or two and of course the Whalers as well, a more pleasant bunch of guys to get whacked by you couldn't find in a season of Sundays.

As Ginger rushed off to take some lucky lady for a Ruby the rest of us retired to the bar grateful that we don't work for the FA and have Sven for our manager (and here I refute any suggestions of impropriety between myself as Director of Cricket and the Podgster (now in Oz). I shall not be resigning in the near future and anyone who says different will be hearing from my lawyers: Clifford, Palios and Erikson.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Glaxo on 01-08-2004(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)117all outoff34overs Match Lost
Whalers258for 9off38overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Andy Rayner26Bowled
2.Dave Henig18Caught
3.Mark Dyson1LBW
4.Christy Kulasingam0Caught
5.Mike Ellis1Bowled
6.Tony Fletcher21Caught
7.Madhu Chaganti10Bowled
8.Jamie Garner10Caught & Bowled
9.Radhu Pandrangi7Caught
10.Barrett Hogue6Caught
11.Mark Dyson8Not Out
1.Andy Rayner8135217.5024.004.38
2.Mike Ellis8060160.0048.007.50
3.Tony Fletcher8069323.0016.008.62
4.Christy Kulasingam8059229.5024.007.38
5.Madhu Chaganti6040140.0036.006.67
Tony Fletcher1catch
Jamie Garner1catch
Dave Henig1catch
Andy Rayner2drops
Mike Ellis1drop
Jamie Garner1drop
Christy Kulasingam1drop

Catching Machine, the Hoguester

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