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Good scoff: Presidents XI 21Aug 2004 (Season: 2004)
Report by: Fletchman

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The German slices his 30th birthday cake
And so to Haydons Road for our annual scoff of the best tea in West London against our oldest opponents. Wining the toss, Captain Ben was unsure what to do but a chorus of ?let?s bat first? saw Salix walk out onto the damp but bouncy track. If it hadn?t been for the ten minutes that it took the umpire to fill in the big holes on the bowlers run up it would not have been 11 minutes before the German came back. But big up to Tim for having a multitool secreted around his person. But then Matt survived a blistering first over (dropped in the slips, ball missing the stumps by a nanometre) the team settled down and plugged away with solid if unspectacular performances across the board.

Sadly there were no couples having sex on the long leg boundary this year, but the motorcycle-training group practicing on the tennis court nearby provided a little local colour.

And then tea, worth a paragraph on its own. Battered lamb things, excellent sandwiches, cake a plenty and the Presidents opening bat nipping to the shops on his bike to get some milk. And we also celebrated the Germans 30th with a cake with no natural ingredients, but plenty of E numbers. This clearly pepped up the bowlers.

And so CK1 opened with a blistering spell, peppering the openers and if it wasn?t for 2 extras would have bowled 4 maidens in a row. Then the middle order bowling took several wickets and the team some good catches and fielding.

The game was very close when then the Captain called up the limping yours truly and I am embarrassed to say I served up some complete rubbish bowling with wides galore but got the last 4 wickets in pretty short time. The scorebook of course doesn?t reflect how undeserved this was so I felt I needed to put it in black and white. Everyone else bowled very well, I didn?t and got 4. It?s an unfair world.

Salix CC versus Presidents at Haydons Road on 21-08-2004(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)159all outoff35overs Match Won
Presidents138all outoff31.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Andy Rayner0Caught
2.Matt Swindells45LBW
3.Mike Ellis21Bowled
4.Ben Shaw7Bowled
5.Jehan DeSilva16Caught
6.Barrett Hogue1Caught
7.Christy Kulasingam11Run Out
8.Tony Fletcher7Bowled
9.Tim Collins1Caught
10.Toby Lewis9Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Caught & Bowled
1.Steve Jacobs6024124.0036.004.00
2.Christy Kulasingam4240--1.00
3.Jehan DeSilva50200--4.00
4.Mike Ellis7031310.3314.004.43
5.Toby Lewis50410--8.20
6.Tony Fletcher4.201744.256.503.92
Andy Rayner1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Mike Ellis1drop
Andy Rayner1drop
Matt Swindells1drop

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