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Pretty Special: Islip 15 May 2005 (Season: 2005)
Report by: Daveski

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Ringo and Buckets
As finishes go, this one was pretty special. 28th over, the last ball from our four recognised bowlers, with the home side needing 12 to win and having seven overs to do it against new bowlers. But having only one wicket standing. Steve-o summoned up all of his experience, charged into bowl, and sent one down at Fletch speed. The batsman was bamboozled and kindly pulled the ball from outside off stick on to his own stumps. Four wickets for Steve-o, two wins on the run for Salix, and only two dropped catches for a new recruit and Ben losing the toss to remind us that this really was Salix CC. After that traditional start and our hosts kindly letting us bat under beautiful blue sky, Nurdler and The Fumbler provided a solid enough start (though Fumbler was dropped three times) before Bison decided to even things out a little by running himself out. Our two new recruits, Ringo and Buckets then hit lustily but were victims of a devilish pitch, before Capn Ben and Arsey were undone by pretty much unplayable balls. 69 for 7 didn?t look too promising, but the tail wagged a bit, even Steve-o managing to add a run, and at tea we had a total that looked light but just about winnable.

After drinks and sandwiches, and more Neurofen for those with a hangover, it was into the field, where things surprisingly fell into place despite a lack of bowlers. Steve-o played the Fletch role, getting the wickets by giving the batsmen a few runs to keep them interested, while Mr Purple and then Ringo kept things tight with some superb seam bowling. We benefited from a comedy run-out, took some catches, including one at second slip by yours truly to make Fletch worry for his fielding position in future games, and Buckets seemed to have sealed it with a caught and bowled, but decided to prolong the agony by dropping his second chance of the match. And only when faced with the prospect of the Fumbler and myself coming in to bowl did Islip decide to panic and throw the towel in.

All in all, an excellent day in the sun under the watchful eyes of Herr President, umpiring, barely spoiled by a surprisingly slow crawl back to London on the motorway. Time was when we waited until August to register two wins in a season, now we?re talking about giving the London Nigerians a game. Steady lads.

Salix CC versus Islip at Islip on 15-05-2005(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)106all outoff34overs Match Won
Islip94all outoff28overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane16Caught
2.Matt Swindells7LBW
3.Mark Dyson1Run Out
4.Martin Stringer17Caught
5.Chris Good18LBW
6.Ben Shaw0LBW
7.Adam Darling0Caught
8.Dave Henig14Bowled
9.Roger Heaton14Bowled
10.Tim Collins0Caught & Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs1Not Out
1.Roger Heaton7018118.0042.002.57
2.Steve Jacobs713047.5010.504.29
3.Martin Stringer711125.5021.001.57
4.Chris Good7029214.5021.004.14
Dave Henig1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Martin Stringer1catch
Chris Good2drops

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