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What would the day bring?: CACCC 2 July 2005 (Season: 2005)
Report by: Herr Direktor

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The day dawned overcast but warm on a big day for London (Live8, England v Australia at Lords, Wimbledon Ladies) etc etc and a rare occasion in the life of Salix CC ? a timed game. As we convened somewhat early for a great lunch at the Parrott in Forest Green and discussed umpiring contretemps of the past, we looked back at our record so far (played 6, won 5) and wondered? What would the day bring?

Well, apart from the ritual dismemberment of the bag, it bought a longish first spell in the field for us ? a very close boundary but a real bowlers wicket. The CACCC scored a pretty mighty 178 before declaring at tea and a big up to their man J.K. Esq who arrived clad in a fetching evening dress shirt and who most sportingly walked after gloving one to the keeper that no one saw. Pick of the bowling, the prodigal Salix son CK1 and season debutante Nixta who sportingly gave up the change of a day out at Lords to play, and rounded of his spell with a great C and B. Quicksilva also took a monstrously high catch in the field, cushioning the ball with his lithe sportsmanlike frame, should it spill from his hands, but no need..

erratum, the Thursday after: a player emails to remind us about CK1's well-judged catch at long-off? ;-) Who could that emailer be?

And so to the tactics for a timed game? Well obviously go for the win. But sadly our openers mimicked the England openers at Lords (total collapse 33 for 5 etc) and as yours truly stepped to the wicket my esteemed Captains words ran in my ear. ?Don?t get out?. There was then a stupendously prolonged and extremely dull period of play as I scored no runs in 12 overs (but didn?t get out (a feat only rivalled by Mr Maroudas back in 1998 who lasted 16 overs for 3 v the Phene, in, as you probably guessed, our very last timed game) Eventually of course it was back to the Pavilion for me and with 6 overs to go our tail slowly ebbed, but at the death with the Donkey waiting in the wings, Nixta and Mrs Ranson kept the flag waving for us to score a fairly undeserved draw.

And so back to London, now 7 games, 5 wins and a draw. Is the German unstoppable? Will he ever stopping moaning about South London? Next week may tell

Salix CC versus Chelsea Arts Club at Forest Green on 02-07-2005(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)87for 8off38overs Match Drawn
Chelsea Arts Club178for 6off38overs dec
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane4Caught
2.Dave Henig9Caught
3.Jehan DeSilva4Caught & Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam13Caught
5.Andy Rayner27Caught
6.Tony Fletcher0Bowled
7.Adam Darling5Stumped
8.Graham Nannery4Bowled
9.Nick Furness0Not Out
10.Davy Stephens0Not Out
11.Tim Collins0Did Not Bat
1.Christy Kulasingam10221121.0060.002.10
2.Nick Furness11335311.6722.003.18
3.Jehan DeSilva81210--2.62
4.Andy Rayner3030130.0018.0010.00
5.Dave Henig4021121.0024.005.25
6.Adam Darling20240--12.00
Jehan DeSilva1catch
Tony Fletcher1catch
Nick Furness1catch
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Tim Collins1drop
Jehan DeSilva1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Davy Stephens1drop

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