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The old south Circ..: Old Wilsonians 10 July 2005 (Season: 2005)
Report by: the Direktor

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Like buses, you don?t see a timed game for years then two come along at once. So we repaired to leafy Kent to play this new opposition, lost the toss and fielded warmly through the heat of a hot afternoon under a scorching sun (we get the picture Ed). One of the OWs got 86 and carried his bat, and the rest went in a fairly slow and steady procession ? some fielding highlights, great slip catch by the Quicksilva, stumping by Fletch, a tactical thing worked out by Chazza and Fletch to get a catch that worked and much leaping about by Dr D (his two drops being very tricky ones,) and some fine bowling by Elvis Pornstar. And so to tea.

Our openers made a good start until Elvis was out to spectacular one handed catch in the deep ? a fine effort - and Chazza walked across his stumps and lost his leg (metaphorically) and it was thus to the comedy middle order collapse. After some disagreement re the timing of the final 20 overs, the home team had their way and the Salix tail faced a long slow grind towards their vision of the South Circular and beyond, with the German and the Fat Bloke again seeing out the last 13 overs in truly negative style to score the draw.

Bowler of the game, the OWs guy who got 5 for 21 off 9. Traffic nightmare of the afternoon, a toss up between the Euston Road, the M2 and Purley (this assumes a coin with three sides)

Season to date: played 8, won 5 drawn 2 and one airbrushed from memory .

Salix CC versus Old Wilsonians at Hayes, Kent on 10-07-2005(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)104for 8off38overs Match Drawn
Old Wilsonians184for 6off43overs dec
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Charlie Hewitt6Bowled
2.Mike Ellis17Caught
3.Jehan DeSilva1Bowled
4.Andy Rayner34Not Out
5.Graham Nannery0Bowled
6.Ollie Carter4Bowled
7.Tim Collins0Bowled
8.Stuart Lumsden4Caught & Bowled
9.Roger Heaton6Bowled
10.Tony Fletcher5Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Roger Heaton10153226.5030.005.30
2.Steve Jacobs92320--3.56
3.Stuart Lumsden50240--4.80
4.Charlie Hewitt6023123.0036.003.83
5.Jehan DeSilva40150--3.75
6.Mike Ellis9131310.3318.003.44
Tony Fletcher2catches
Stuart Lumsden2catches
Jehan DeSilva1catch
Ollie Carter2drops
Tony Fletcher1drop
Steve Jacobs1drop
Andy Rayner1drop

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