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Pride goeth etc: Lemmings 7 Aug 2005 (Season: 2005)
Report by: our elderly Tail ender

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Having spent all of Saturday watching the second Ashes test from the sofa, and most of Sunday morning hiding behind the sofa until England won with 2 runs to go, I was frankly not in any kind of shape to actually play. However needs must etc and we assembled to play the Lemmings (average age, half ours) and an especially doughy Glaxo pitch that set up the match for a huge score ? more than 530 runs in the afternoon. The Lemmings batted first and with 3 x 50?S and one 125 not out, at tea we were not exactly in a strong position. To say our fielding was a touch shaky would be an understating and to say our bowling was on the mark would be hyperbole. We?ll draw a veil over this, but you can check out the ?It?s a shocker? pages?

However pride called for some kind of a good try and Captain Ben shook up the established order to give it a go. And worth noting, the forbearance and support of the established openers in this. And to an extent it worked ? the Bison hitting a snappy 61 and our celebrity Ringer one short of a half ton. However some tighter bowling than ours saw the middle order stutter and it was left to our elderly tail ender to blossom briefly in his dotage before the tail, which was in fact the top order saw us home with what would, on 90% of occasions be a winning score.

And so to the bar, the 49th re run of Flintoff taking Ponting apart and Warney standing on his wicket. Was Kasporwitz out? Or was his glove off the bat? Well, as we all know what rhymes with Australia? Failure, that?s what. And that too was our watchword for the day. Onwards, upwards! Old Trafford next week, or our nemesis, the London Nigerians, A thriller in prospect

Salix CC versus Lemmings at Glaxo on 07-08-2005(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)213for 8off40overs Match Lost
Lemmings325for 2off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Dyson61Caught
2.Matt Kershaw1Bowled
3.Ian Roberts49Bowled
4.Ben Shaw10Run Out
5.Christy Kulasingam9Bowled
6.Roger Heaton1Bowled
7.Graham Nannery0Bowled
8.Tony Fletcher41Caught
9.Dominic Spillane7Not Out
10.Dave Henig0Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Christy Kulasingam80630--7.88
2.Steve Jacobs80760--9.50
3.Tony Fletcher6075175.0036.0012.50
4.Roger Heaton80430--5.38
5.Ian Roberts8139139.0048.004.88
6.Dave Henig20290--14.50
Mark Dyson1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Dave Henig1drop
Steve Jacobs1drop
Ben Shaw1drop

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