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Heroic pigeons: St Annes 16 July 2006 Glaxo (Season: 2006)
Report by: the Direktor, Grand Vizier of the Mixedmetaphor

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Lord CK1 of Fifer and The Marquis SteveO of Bigbatting
It takes a pretty prodigious feat of something to get honoured. If you are a heroic pigeon you can get the Dickin Medal. If you (allegedly) bung the Prime Minister?s political fixer a few grand you can get a KCMG and Bar. But to be honoured at Salix CC you have to do something really special. And yesterday the Direktors Sword was poised not only over one shoulder, not two, but three. So step forward , in alphabetical order:

Lord CK1 of Fifer, for services to the one of the best bowling spells every produced: including a 75 mph plus off-break that took out a leg stump. We were in the deepest cack when CK1 not only stepped up to the bowling mark, but never even overstepped it

The Marquis SteveO of Bigbatting, for services to being the highest scorer, even though he came in at 11 when our heads were down and it looked like an early tea. Clapped on by the whole team, his progeny and spouse, SteveO not only surpassed his previous highest score, then his whole score for the last few seasons. Ably supported by the Bandanna-ed One, this was tail ending of the highest order

The Count Hoguester of Stickycatching. Despite being part of the middle order collapse, the Count proved he was a man who could be Counted on when it came to plucking the red cherry from the ether.

And so to the match report. Well it was hot, the pitch was true but fizzing and our batting wilted in the face of excellent bowling. However, it cannot be overstressed that our umpiring was of the finest order of independence as we gave no less than 3 LBWs. Things looked bleak till SteveO whacked us into the early hundreds, but hey, surely never enough.

And then CK1 unleashed a whirlwind of unplayability and our man from the Mid West clung onto two really hard ones. And the two very old men bought the last wickets and it was home for tea. A victory plucked from the jaws of defeat under the Steely fist of Captain the German, Baron of Fieldplacing.

Salix CC versus St Annes All Stars at Glaxo on 16-07-2006(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)119all outoff34overs Match Won
St Annes All Stars86for 9off18.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane7LBW
2.Richard Kluth0LBW
3.Andy Rayner12Bowled
4.Tim Madison0Bowled
5.Christy Kulasingam18Caught
6.Tony Fletcher6LBW
7.Barrett Hogue0Bowled
8.Charlie Hewitt16Not Out
9.Rajeev Sanwalka0Caught
10.Graham Nannery0Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs22Bowled
1.Steve Jacobs7036218.0021.005.14
2.Christy Kulasingam721553.008.402.14
3.Charlie Hewitt2.40515.0016.001.88
4.Tony Fletcher2016116.0012.008.00
Barrett Hogue2catches
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Andy Rayner1catch
Barrett Hogue1drop

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