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The Bisonators Machine arrives!: Gents 17 Sept 2006 (Season: 2006)
Report by: the Direktor, owner of his own Video thingy

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Mrs J presents CK1 with a bat for being best
The penultimate game of the season dawned bright and hot and the Bisonator tooled up early, with posse and bowling machine, for a little practice. Previous damage with 90 mph plus balls saw it toned down a little as the lads got in shape for fast inswingers. On the field, Ex Capn Ben duly lost the toss and we were in to bat on a hot, hot day.

This really turned out to be a game of two good bowling attacks, on a rather green and strangely unusual Glaxo wicket. The outfield was not running, the bowling was on line and the score dawdled along. Indeed after 18 overs we were but 50 for three with the top order taking a break in the Pavilion. However cometh the hour, cometh the men and Capn Ben and Padders bestrode the crease like the Oxfordshire version of that famous comedy duo Little and Large. But without the jokes, i.e a lot like L and L. Such was their serous intent that even as Padders copped a fast one in the Southern Counties, Capn Ben called him for a run, which he made, crab like, and promptly fell to earth as easily as Premiership striker. But it was one more run. Revived with a chilled Perrier it was back to the gas pedal as we started to get going.

The middle and tail, never pinch hitters, all perished trying to get a quick one, especially Puff who whacked a straight drive into the bowlers midriff and which remained there as he fell to the ground. But Ex Capn Ben soldiered on and we were into tea on 150 (the scorebook doesn't add up..)

Refreshed, our player of the Year, CK1 got the opener with a staggering one that came back from behind his legs to take his leg stump, Big Rog got a couple and then Padders and Ginger put a massive brake on the run rate. Cue Puff to get a wicket on his bowling debut thus saving enough runs to enable yours truly being brought on the buy three quick wickets including a rare bowled to a batsmen attempting a reverse paddle sweep at a ball that had barely enough kinetic energy to dislodge a bail. But it was still very close and it was down to Ginge and Padders to close off the innings.

One of the closest games we have had for a long while. MOTM, ex Capn Ben for his fighting 50, big up to all the bowlers and a special mention to the Gents, a totally eponymous team.

Salix CC versus Gents of West London at Glaxo on 17-09-2006(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)146for 8off35overs Match Won
Gents of West London138all outoff32.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane20Caught
2.Richard Kluth1Bowled
3.Mark Dyson5Caught
4.Ben Shaw52Not Out
5.Christy Kulasingam1Caught
6.David Padmore31Bowled
7.Andrew Harvey2Caught & Bowled
8.Stuart Lumsden5Caught
9.Tony Fletcher1Caught
10.Roger Heaton1Not Out
11.Rajeev Sanwalka0Did Not Bat
1.Christy Kulasingam5024124.0030.004.80
2.Roger Heaton7028214.0021.004.00
3.David Padmore5020120.0030.004.00
4.Stuart Lumsden6.421628.0020.002.40
5.Andrew Harvey4016116.0024.004.00
6.Tony Fletcher502438.0010.004.80
Ben Shaw2catches
Mark Dyson1catch
Andrew Harvey1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop

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