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A Stately Loss: Blenheim Palace CC 24 September 2006 (Season: 2006)
Report by: Direktor, avid driver up the M40

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Lads pose happily before Anihilation
It's been a long old season and by and large a very successful one. As the assembled hordes set off up the mobile parking lot that is the M40 on a Sunday we were truly a horde. The glamorous WAGS of the team were supplemented by avid junior supporters, multiple parents (Mrs Elvis, Mr and Mrs Ginger, Mr and Mrs Ex Captain Ben to name a few), siblings, in-laws and pals, all there to see their loved ones under perform as per normal.

As the Elvis Transit had been held back in traffic, Ex Captain Ben duly lost the toss and we fielded first in front of the magnificent Palace and an assembled multitude of polyglot day trippers who clearly had the right to something more for their entrance fee than watching Salix. But I digress. Apparently his Graciousness is not keen on lines on the great South Lawn, so we were actually playing on the, well, lawn which given the recent dampness had all the bounce of a dead cat, and thus the ball stayed low.

The Salixites bowled manfully and the score ticked along pretty slowly and we kept it pretty tight to go into tea facing 120. Pick of the moments would be CK1's dazzling leg stumper, Gingers catch in front of his own personal crowd and Rog (playing as part of the MyRingBison Siamese twin partnership mistiming a skyer on the boundary, having it bounce off his collar bone and catching it at the second go). And what a tea. I understand we must thank Mrs Del for this, which I have to say would not have disgraced Gordon Ramsay in his pomp.

Sadly for our batsman, with one exception, tea proved the high spot as we laboured to get the ball away under a beautiful late summer sun. In fact, we hit only one boundary against some fearsomely tight bowling and great fielding. Only ex Captain Ben made anything like a serious fist of it, supported by Chazza and Bison, but we were never on the run rate, and although we had wickets left we rolled out to a pretty serious deficit.

This was the first time we have played at Blenheim and in fact only our second on a stately home lawn (The first was in 1998 where we played in front of one owned by the Moonies, so that doesn't count. It did have an Adam fireplace though.) We hope to make this an annual fixture now and I'd like to thank Del and David and the whole team for their great hospitality and again suggest if Mrs Del isn't running a 4 star restaurant she is in the wrong job.

And so it was off to the picturesque Kings Arms in Woodstock for an end of season post prandial and for me to search out the spirit of Inspector Morse for our latest mystery 'The Case of the Missing Middle Order'

Salix CC versus Blenheim Park CC at Blenheim Palace on 24-09-2006(30 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)94for 8off30overs Match Lost
Blenheim Park CC120all outoff28.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane7Bowled
2.Charlie Hewitt12Stumped
3.Stuart Lumsden7Caught
4.Ben Shaw28Bowled
5.Graham Nannery2Caught
6.Tony Fletcher1Caught
7.Christy Kulasingam2Bowled
8.Mark Dyson18Stumped
9.David Padmore0Not Out
10.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
12.Roger Heaton0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs3070--2.33
2.Christy Kulasingam301025.009.003.33
3.David Padmore4.501125.5014.502.28
4.Mike Ellis5023211.5015.004.60
5.Stuart Lumsden601628.0018.002.67
6.Roger Heaton40250--6.25
7.Tony Fletcher301728.509.005.67
Roger Heaton1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
David Padmore1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Dominic Spillane1drop

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