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Phrases not commonly heard ....: Touring Theatres 20 May 2007 (Season: 2007)
Report by: Ginger

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Capn Elvis, Penny, Baldrick, Direktor and Les
"Salix don't collapse after loss of early wickets."; "This is great fielding Salix."; and "A well paced fifty from the Direktor." All of these phrases are not commonly heard on a Sunday afternoon at Glaxo, however, they were all fair representations of our game against Touring Theatres CC over the weekend.

Batting first on what looked a dry wicket against a team of ten men, our Captain's eyes were alight at the prospect of a run fest. Sadly, some tight bowling and a slow outfield combined to render that prospect somewhat of a distant dream, with Pop, ex Capn Ben and CK1 all falling cheaply. This brought together the Hoguester and the Nurdler who set about rebuilding the innings. Nurdler accelerated the scoring with some fine cuts and sweeps. However, the real star was our trans-Atlantic signing who took a liking to the bowling with some fine powerful straight driving. The highlight was what can only be described as a "homer" on to the roof of the sports hall from a delivery more akin to the Hoguester's native sport of baseball. The experience of the Nurdler at taking quick singles kept the rate up during the lull in boundaries, until he fell for 39 to the now obligatory catch for Ginge whilst fielding for the opposition.

The Direktor then took up the reins of experienced batsman, looking to give support to his request for a higher batting place. Some typical hooking and pulling ensued and Salix were on for a large total. After Hoguester's third strike and out for 31 (his highest score for the club), Ginge and Baldrick both with some powerful leg side hitting kept the rate up, Ginge also planting a "homer" on to the roof, whilst the Direktor continued to pile on the runs before completing his well-deserved and almost chance-less (apart from being dropped first ball...) fifty. Salix closed on 192.

Little of note occurred during the first eight overs of Touring Theatres' reply, apart from a dropped chance by Les. However, Les quickly redeemed himself with a well flighted delivery causing one of the openers to play on and then shortly bowled the next batsman with a similar delivery. Ginge, the Direktor and CK1 all kept the rate down and took a wicket-a-piece, with CK1 being very unlucky not to tickle the outside edge on multiple occasions. Captain Elvis weighed in with three cheap wickets and the Touring Theatres' innings closed short of Salix's total despite some determined batting throughout.

Special mention in the field must go to Hoguester with some "awesome" fielding, including a direct hit from twenty yards with one stump to aim at and an attempted diving catch with great "hang-time". Another win for Captain "Big Sam Allardyce" Elvis, getting the best out of some old pros and some average players.

Men of the match: The Direcktor and the Hoguester

Salix CC versus Touring Theatres CC at Glaxo on 20-05-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)192for 7off35overs Match Won
Touring Theatres CC126for 8off34.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane39Caught
2.Arthur Haynes4Caught
3.Ben Shaw2Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam6Bowled
5.Barrett Hogue31Bowled
6.Tony Fletcher50Not Out
7.Jon Lane0LBW
8.Stuart Lumsden23Bowled
9.Will Venning15Not Out
10.Kunal Dutta0Did Not Bat
11.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
1.Stuart Lumsden5.5113113.0035.002.23
2.Will Venning41180--4.50
3.Christy Kulasingam7217117.0042.002.43
4.Kunal Dutta7137218.5021.005.29
5.Mike Ellis611234.0012.002.00
6.Tony Fletcher5013113.0030.002.60
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Kunal Dutta1drop
Barrett Hogue1drop

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Les left the following remarks on 25th May 2007

A great day made better by some sparkling captaincy, company and a swashbuckling fifty from the man that people told me, “doesn’t really bat.” The Touring Theatres was true to form, replete with one cast member whose dropdown sunhat and Tetley Bitter-sponsored England shirt was wonderfully reminiscent of Jack Russell in the 1993 Ashes Series.
Sorry about the drop, Baldrick. First game nerves or Herr Direktor’s last minute lessons in the Australian catching method? Neither. Just bad timing. In the meantime if the thieving gimp that stole our slip cradle from the most CCTV-laden ground in London is reading, please return before we find you on Crimewatch. It’s never too late.
Thanks everyone. If this is the infamous Salix spirit, I’ll take a few shot glasses full.

Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 21st May 2007

Good report Ginge and the only other thing I'd add is that it was a generally a good all round display in the field and I was pleased that we kept the pressure up even when it looked like the win was in the bag. Special mention to Jon who had an excellent day in the field as well - even his one mistake, was chased down and thrown in right onto the stumps. However, he still gets a fine (£1) for being out for a golden on debut playing a particularly silly shot. CK1 picks up a £2 fine for wearing an arm guard and for his eyes lighting up like a christmas tree at the bowling. Bison is fined £1 for playing for someone else.