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A whackfest too far for the Salix lads: MWs 10 June 2007 (Season: 2007)
Report by: Mr 50

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Lars shows us his Thors Hammer
Wincey Willis said it was going to honk it down, as did that chap with the squeaky voice on Chanel 5 who used to be on GMTV. But In the event it was hot and humid as we arrived at the ground to find the Wanderers lounging around having been told to turn up early by Wuff, and actually doing it. Unlike Bison who turned up 2 hours late, but with a good excuse.

Still Captain Elvis won the toss and elected to open with his good self and yours truly, Mr 50, and didn't we get off to a rocketing start. At tea we were 124 for 2, and Mr 50 still in with Cap'n Ben. But then we stuttered, and after CK1s bright and breezy 43 the lower order surrendered as meekly as Paris Hilton to an LA Sherriff. Still we had 231 on the board (aided by a magnificent 44 extras) and there was a gateau for tea. It all looked so perfect.

But appearances can be deceptive and the MWs were clearly undaunted. They too got off to a bright and breezy start, held in check only by the Chazzmans rifle like bowling. But then he came off, the florid Lars came in and we faced Valhalla. Before the game Lars had told me that he was injured and was thinking of “giving it all up”. He showed me various parts of his anatomy, explained the symptoms and I prescribed a steroid jab in all of them. Then he gave me a bit old flannel about how good it was I was still going at my age and that kept him going etc , but I had wandered off to have a fag. But it was hubris, yes dear reader, he was telling porkies of the highest order as he proceeded to swat all and sundry round the ground for a not out 115 . Arthritis my arse. And in his endeavours he was helped by our fielders using their feet where they should have use their hands, but it's a big field and fast outfield and as he struck the Ginger Express for a contemptuous straight 4 to win, I was left to wonder when the last time we had seen 470 runs in an afternoon, a game proceeding at more than 7 an over.

Well done to the MWs, that was a big one they pulled from their cricket bag. Roll on Swedenland, though, we're gonna get you.

BTW Special mention to Wuffs cricket shirt, which is now approaching it's 9th anniversary

Salix CC versus Mighty Wanderers at Glaxo on 10-06-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)231for 8off35overs Match Lost
Mighty Wanderers235for 5off29.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mike Ellis19Bowled
2.Tony Fletcher62Bowled
3.Will Venning0Bowled
4.Ben Shaw30Caught
5.Christy Kulasingam43Bowled
6.Graham Nannery2Bowled
7.Charlie Hewitt7LBW
8.Rajeev Sanwalka7Not Out
9.Stuart Lumsden4LBW
10.Mark Dyson13Not Out
11.Kunal Dutta0Did Not Bat
1.Stuart Lumsden5.20410--7.69
2.Charlie Hewitt7134311.3314.004.86
3.Christy Kulasingam41140--3.50
4.Kunal Dutta30340--11.33
5.Mike Ellis7057228.5021.008.14
6.Tony Fletcher20290--14.50
7.Will Venning10160--16.00
Charlie Hewitt1catch
Tony Fletcher1drop

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Ginge left the following remarks on 14th June 2007

I'll fine myself 1 pound for having a hissy fit and then bowling a 14 run over.

Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 11th June 2007

Our fielding really was atrocious and I think probably made the difference between this week and last. Far too many balls sneaking over the boundary rope, which should have been easily stopped. That said, one might argue that's down to poor field placing by the captain, so I'll take a £2 fine for that and for bowling stupidly to Lars. Les can have a £1 for letting two go for 4 in front of his lovely lady and Bison's fined £5 for turning up an hour late, dropping a catch and fielding like he didn't want to be there.

Mr 50 left the following remarks on 10th June 2007

This batting mayhem surpassed even the notorious Lemmings v Salix match of 2005 when 538 runs were scored in 80 overs - a run rate of 6.7 an over - todays game was 7.25!