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Collapsed like a failed souffle: St Annes 15 July 2007 (Season: 2007)
Report by: Mr Stumpy

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We don't blame Carol
The BBC Met office had forecast a severe weather warning for this game on Friday. However it had been downgraded to a thundery shower by Saturday and come Sunday it was actually just a bit drizzly and as dark as the inside of a coal miners snap tin.

Still we all assembled, Ex Captain Ben lost the toss and away we went. Our bowlers did moderately well to keep the StAnnes lads down to 180 – about a par score on the pitch. True we did drop a few on the way; bit then again returning paceman Steve-O did get a cracker of a wicket, but generally as it says in Isaiah 49:4 most of the bowlers must have felt "I have labored to no purpose; I have spent my strength in vain and for nothing... “

Over the usual parsimonious tea (19 muffins for 22 players, what's that all about) the order came for the oldest opening pair in cricket to strap their pads on. We duly did, fouled it up, and set a precedent for the rest of the team as we virtually, to man, gave our wickets away as cheaply as a politician gives out a campaign promise. And thus to the bar, 3 all in the series v StAnnes.

Oh fickle hand of fate, where is your skill at playing slow bowling when you most need it?

Salix CC versus St Annes All Stars at Glaxo on 15-07-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)98all outoff25overs Match Lost
St Annes All Stars180for 6off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane10Caught
2.Tony Fletcher6Stumped
3.Ben Shaw22Bowled
4.Stuart Lumsden16Caught
5.Barrett Hogue2Caught
6.Richard Kluth0Bowled
7.Jon Lane4Bowled
8.Darren Gavigan5LBW
9.Kunal Dutta4Run Out
10.Rajeev Sanwalka10LBW
11.Steve Jacobs0Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs7126126.0042.003.71
2.Stuart Lumsden6027127.0036.004.50
3.Rajeev Sanwalka7040220.0021.005.71
4.Darren Gavigan50380--7.60
5.Kunal Dutta6030130.0036.005.00
6.Tony Fletcher401125.5012.002.75
Tony Fletcher1catch
Barrett Hogue1drop
Steve Jacobs1drop
Jon Lane1drop
Stuart Lumsden1drop

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Steve-O left the following remarks on 18th July 2007

Smug? Moi? Where shall I send the cheque? :-)

Bison left the following remarks on 17th July 2007

Hey Skip - you forgot to fine me this match. I know I wasn't playing, but I did ump a lot of it and totally failed to be deeply biased in favour of our brave boys.

Elvis the fine meister left the following remarks on 17th July 2007

Right, I've listened to all the evidence, spoken with the oracles and checked the innards of a sea trout. I wasn't going to fine Steve-O anything, but after his rather smug post and the fact that he hasn't played till July and the fact that I haven't fined him before, he gets fined £2. Hoguester, the Nurdler, The Director and Flossie all pick up a £1 for woeful top order batting and Dazzler can also have a nugget for 0-38 off 5.

Ex Cap'n Ben left the following remarks on 17th July 2007

I am relieved that Salix CC is back to normal ways after an initial blip at the beginning of the season. All this "snatching victory from the jaws of defeat" (vs Drovers) and "middle order batting sustains top order collapse" (vs Touriing Theatres) is just not Salix. Now we can look forward with confiedence to our matches against The Whalers, Lemmings and London Nigerians in the full knowlegdge that Salix can still collapse.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 16th July 2007

I cannot begin to tell you what feelings of pleasure and anticipation raged through my person just after 2pm as I stood at the top of my run ready to belatedly kick-start my domestic season... nor can you imagine the feeling of deja vu about 7pm as we systematically threw away any chance we had of winning... but with a wicket under my belt, lots of playing and missing by their batsman, a dropped catch to my name, my 26th not out secure in the score book and playing witness to a Salix collapse I was truly a happy man, safe in the knowledge that I may have been absent for 3 months but nothing had really changed. Well done lads you were a credit to the club that is Salix CC :-)

Nurdler left the following remarks on 16th July 2007

I'd agree with Ben. The top four all chucked their wickets away. Fine the lot of them ..er..us. Fine me again - according to Raj I chucked his wicket away as well.

Ex Cap'n Ben left the following remarks on 16th July 2007

Our fielding and bowling were OK but our batting was rubbish. 180 off 35 is par for Glaxo and we should have done it. However, one of the top 4 batsmen needed to score 50+ and another needed to hang around to support. Sadly no one came near. We should have been playing in South London - Padders had his match abandoned due to very heavy rain in Battersea Park!

Elvis left the following remarks on 15th July 2007

Ok, so who should be fined?